Right Before Obama Left Office, He ADMITS To LIE About Russian ‘Hackers’

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Vladimir Putin (left), Barack Obama (right)

Barack Obama’s eight years in office were nothing but lies and scandals, laced with tyrannical executive orders and horrific laws designed to strangle the economy and control the public. However, just hours before he left the White House for good, he actually admitted that he’s a liar, owning up to a lie about Russian hacking and information obtained by WikiLeaks.

In his final press conference, Barack Obama was heard admitting that not only does the government have no evidence of the Russians hacking the election, he admitted that he lied about it from the start — there was no hacking.

Most of us know that if Obama had evidence, he would have strutted around like a peacock with his feathers out and that proof would be everywhere by now. Arrogance and narcissism are inherent traits in Obama, and there’s no way he would have withheld evidence that would turn the public against Donald Trump.

Since the is a long video, we begin after 8 minutes into his speech, where we clearly hear the liar admit he has no evidence of a hacking, let alone a hacking by Russia. But, that isn’t all he admits.

What’s even more telling, is that Obama uses the word “leaked” not “hacked” when he discusses the WikiLeaks emails that he claims were responsible for the demise of Hillary Clinton and the disgraceful DNC.

William Binney, former Technical Director of the NSA, has asserted that if the DNC emails were hacked, then the NSA would be able to give the precise details down to the second it occurred, and it is plain from the reports released they have no such information.

Yet, the media has persisted with this nonsense “Russian hacking” story all to make Donald Trump appear illegitimate, and it worked, but only on those unwilling to read or research or listen to Obama’s own words.

Wikileaks operative Craig Murray has asserted from the beginning that the whistleblowing website obtained the emails from a leaker within the DNC who was upset that there was collusion against Bernie Sanders during the primary election.

Just hours before Obama left the White House for good, the liar-in-chief accidentally comes clean about his attempts to mislead the American public. Unfortunately, his lying and misleading of the American people had a disastrous effect. Because of his false Russian hacking narrative, there is a massive amount of Democrats ready and willing to fight a war with dildos and glitter because they didn’t get their way.

Finally, the truth has come out, but it’s too little too late for most liberals, who won’t willing accept that Trump won fair and square, no matter who tells them so.

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