VIDEO: Obama Advisor Caught On Tape Committing Disgusting Sex Crime

A disturbing video has just been released of a top Obama advisor committing a disgusting sexual crime. You’ll want to see this before it’s scrubbed from the internet.

Former President Barack Obama (left), William Mendoza is caught on surveillance footage committing sex crimes against various women in the D.C. Metro system (center & right) (Photo Credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images, Screen Capture/YouTube)

Last year, William Mendoza, executive director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education under the Obama Administration, pleaded guilty to illegally taking pictures up women’s skirts in the D.C. Metro system. He was formally charged with voyeurism and other vile acts.

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When he took the indecent photos, Mendoza was supposed to be at work and was using a travel card funded by the taxpayer, according to documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. He was caught during an investigation by the Metro Police Transit Department.

A married senior official in President Obama’s Department of Education plead guilty to attempted voyeurism and resigned for following women on the DC Metro and taking pictures up their skirts, can exclusively reveal.

William Mendoza, 42, the former executive director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education, stepped down after he was arrested and charged in November, 2016, for the vile acts.

Mendoza, who earned $140,000 a year as a policy advisor in Obama’s White House, tried to take photos and videos up women’s skirts at least four times on his government-issued iPhones in July 2016 without their consent, according to Department of Education documents.

He was also allegedly caught looking at footage, apparently filmed in secret, of a woman in her underwear getting changed in a dressing room. It is not known if he recorded the video himself. [Source: Daily Mail]

Paul Y. Kiyonaga, Mendoza’s lawyer, said his client received treatment after his conviction and is now trying to move on with his life away from public office. “Mr. Mendoza has taken responsibility for this charge of attempted voyeurism,” said Kiyonaga. “He’s received treatment for the underlying issues that gave rise to this incident, and, with the strong support of his family, is moving forward productively with his life.”

A newly-released video is going to make it much harder for Mendoza to “move on,” however, as the Daily Mail obtained footage of the Obama advisor actually taking the pictures up women’s skirts. It has been released for the world to see. Presumably, this is the damning evidence which forced Mendoza to plead guilty to his sick crimes:

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It should be noted that the usual feminists who can be heard shouting from the rooftops every time a sex crime is committed have remained notably silent about this one. Could it be because this case would make the Obama administration look like a bunch of sickos who prey on unsuspecting women? Apparently, the #MeToo movement is exempting top Democrats from having to face the music.

Of course, if a member of the Trump administration was in this damning video, the response to it would be much different. If this weren’t William Medoza, but, say, Jared Kushner, you can bet that it would be front-page news right now. If that were the case, this would be covered by every mainstream news outlet under the sun.

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But, alas, this is a member of the Obama administration we’re talking about, and you know as well as I do that the media will happily work overtime to cover up any scandals that might make Barack Obama and the Democrats look bad. For that reason, there’s a fat chance you’ll see liberal media airing this video. All the more reason to share this report so that the mainstream media cannot sweep it under the rug!

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