Obama’s Alleged Gay Lover Comes Forward Saying He Has ‘More Proof’ Than Stormy Daniels

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Barack Obama’s alleged former gay lover is coming forward, upset that the mainstream media is giving Stormy Daniels, the porn star who claims to have had an affair with President Donald Trump, so much credible airtime. Apparently, Obama had several gay relationships, according to women who dated him in college, but the mainstream media looked the other way. Now, one of those men is coming forward, saying he has way more proof than Stormy Daniels.

A man who claimed that he had sex with former President Barack Obama says the media is showing a “sickening” double standard with coverage of an alleged affair between President Donald Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels.

Larry Sinclair’s allegations involving Barack Obama, cocaine, and a limo — set in 1999, when Obama was a state senator — failed to gain broad coverage for a variety of reasons, including lack of corroboration and Sinclair’s record of crimes involving deceit.

Now, Sinclair is speaking up to say the media is giving too much attention and too little skepticism to claims of a 2006 affair between Daniels and Trump. “Stormy Daniels is being pimped and pimping the media now and it’s lining her pockets,” Sinclair told the Washington Examiner. “I believe she had sex with him. Do I believe she’s trying to twist and add to it to benefit her interests? You’re damn right I do.”

The Washington Examiner adds, “Sinclair said he views Daniels’ coyness about details — as she sues to invalidate a $130,000 nondisclosure agreement — as well as her attempt to sidestep the deal, as reasons to doubt her truthfulness. He said he watched with suspicion as she declined to say if a signature was hers.”

“I do believe that there are enough contradictions by Ms. Daniels to justify questioning her motive and truthfulness,” Sinclair said, citing “her statements or nonstatements in subsequent interviews implying that her signature was not her signature [and] her back-and-forth on whether Trump paid her.”

“I find this whole double standard sickening, and no I am not a bigger supporter of Trump,” said Sinclair. Well, whether you believe Sinclair’s allegations against Barack or not, he has a point.

What we also learned is that Obama’s former girlfriend, who is credible and on the record with many sources, said, “He’d considered having a gay relationship.” Her name is Genevieve Cook and Obama mentions her in his book “Dreams From My Father.”

In her diary, speaking of her relationship with Barack, Ms. Cook wrote, “The sexual warmth is definitely there – but the rest of it has sharp edges and I’m finding it all unsettling and finding myself wanting to withdraw from it all,” reported the Daily Mail.

Cook goes on to write, “His warmth can be deceptive. Though he speaks sweet words and can be open and trusting, there is also that coolness – and I begin to have an inkling of some things about him that could get to me.” It was around that time that she says Barack divulged that he had a “favorite professor” who was gay.

At Occidental College, Barack became close friends with the openly gay assistant professor named Lawrence Goldyn. According to The Sun, “They spent time together beyond the classroom and Obama has described Goldyn as ‘my favorite professor,’ at college.”

In a letter to his girlfriend Genevieve Cook, it is said that Obama went even further — saying he’d considered having a gay relationship. He had decided that dating someone of the same sex would be less “challenging” than a relationship with the opposite sex.

As all of these rumors resurface, a photo of Genevieve Cook popped up on Twitter recently.

Former President Barack Obama is linked to several gay men, mostly from his college days. Larry Sinclair is right, we really have no idea about how far these relationships went because the mainstream media refused to do any research.

This is pretty hypocritical considering how CNN and MSNBC report on Trump’s alleged affairs 24/7. While we have no idea whether the president ever had any affairs in the past, we do know one thing. Out of the 45 presidents this country has had, there is credible evidence that almost half of them had affairs.

There are various lists and they are easily found. We know Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson all had affairs, and it’s on record.

Does that excuse any president of wrongdoing? No, but again, there is no solid evidence that Donald Trump has had an affair, so why is the leftist media reporting it as fact? And, why did they never research Barack Obama’s private sexual encounters with the same scrutiny?

We all know they were covering for Obama, so the best thing we can do is ignore everything the mainstream media is saying when it comes to Stormy Daniels or any other woman who comes forward to accuse President Donald Trump of transgressions long past. It’s really none of our business in the end.

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