Democrats FREAK: Obama Can’t Fill Arena & Loses Control In Wild-Eyed Shrieking Rant

Barack Obama was supposed to be the Democratic messiah, bringing on the big blue wave. But, the Obama of 2008 and 2012 is gone, and the truth is, he can’t fill arenas. The former president was just caught on video with white hair, sunken eyes, and a shrill voice that often cracked and stuttered terribly while speaking. Well, we just discovered what Barack and the Democrats are trying so hard to hide.

Barack Obama (Photo Credit: Mark T Jay/Twitter/Screenshots)

Something stinks when it comes to Democratic rallies. In fact, there is something they can’t deny. Even their number one guy, Barack Obama, is having a hell of a time filling up a venue. Instead, the mainstream media has to take photos at certain vantage points to give the impression there are tens of thousands in attendance.

Fox News reports, “President Trump’s rally on Saturday in Elko County, Nevada, drew approximately four times the number of attendees as former President Obama’s own rally in the state Monday. The Elko Daily Free Press reported that Trump spoke to roughly 8,500 supporters at a regional airport in the northeastern Nevada mining town.”

Two days later, former President Obama took credit for the nation’s soaring economy and bashed President Trump before a crowd of only 2,000, ABC News reported.

Yet, was there even 2,000 people there? We can’t dispute the ABC number, but we can question it, especially when you see the video below. It was taken from behind the stage and posted to Twitter as “Rosie Memos” tweeted, “It’s more like a blue puddle? Anyway this angle doesn’t seem to be playing on TV, wonder why.”

Then, there is the former president freaking out after his teleprompter went dead in Wisconsin. We had a hard time finding any of Obama’s cohorts in the leftist media who reported on the October 26th Wisconsin rally. Do you want to know why we think that is? Well, first, poor Barack seemed unhinged.

Appearing far older than his years, with white hair and those sunken eyes, his voice often cracked, and he stuttered terribly while speaking. The former president stood before an audience of just 500 and put on a display that left many wondering if he was okay.

At this Wisconsin rally, he was relegated to a high school since he can’t seem to fill up big arenas. To have so few willing to see and listen to him these days has to be jolting for the political media darling. We only managed to find a local NBC station that posted an article titled: “Barack Obama speaks in front of thousands at Milwaukee high school.” But, a video of Obama posted by “Mark T Jay” is going viral:

So, the Democrats are panicked. Looking at today’s big Obama rally in Georgia, we noticed something really odd. First, instead of having it at an arena, the Democrats are having the rally at an all-male African-American college in Georgia. But, there’s more. 

Morehouse College is touted as a private, all-male, liberal arts, historically black college located in Atlanta, Georgia. And, to make it look like people are lining up like they do days before a Trump rally, the Democratic rats did something really sneaky.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, “The only way to get tickets for Friday’s campaign rally featuring former President Barack Obama was to stand in line at designated sites between the hours of 2 and 5 p.m. today.”

Why? Why wouldn’t they just give them out online like President Trump does, first come, first serve? Because they are trying to gaslight voters into thinking Obama is as popular as Trump when, in fact, he can’t get more than a couple thousand, at best, to attend his rallies.

They then take photos of these so-called long lines, supposedly waiting for the Obama tickets. But, really, it’s all been manufactured astroturf. Not grassroots, like our president enjoys.

“Here’s the line to get Obama tickets at the Democratic office in Cobb County. The former Prez is coming to ATL on Friday to stump for ⁦@staceyabrams⁩ #gapol,” tweeted Greg Bluestein. Notice the images circulating on social media are seemingly trying to mimic the Trump rallies:

Yet, there is something else we noticed, but we must caution, we cannot confirm if this is, in fact, true. However, it does make sense, considering all the other evidence about poor Democratic turnout for rallies. A few eagle-eyed investigators allegedly saw this ad on Craiglist just days ago, which says, “Wanna get paid to attend an Obama rally for Abrams? (Morehouse College).”

The bottom line is, just like it was in 2016, the mainstream media is covering for the Democrats, and they refuse to really report what is going on. So, even though the pollsters are saying the Democrats will win the House of Representatives, who knows?

We must all continue the good fight and make sure all our family and friends get excited to vote red on November 6th. We have one more chance to shock the world, just like we did in 2016. Let’s wake-up on November 7th and watch as the media and snowflakes meltdown as the Republicans keep control of Congress, once again.

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