Obama’s Army GROWS To 85,000, GROOMS Hardcore Radical To Run Against Trump

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Barack Obama (left) with his protegee Tom Perez (left & right), a far leftist civil rights attorney running to be the next DNC Chairman.

Barack Obama’s plans are shocking conservatives as his growing army of trained agitators swells to 85,000. We’ve also uncovered the name of the lackey he intends to run against President Trump in 2020, a hardcore Saul Alinsky radical that he has been secretly grooming for years. You’ll be pissed to learn his master plan to get back in power, and patriots everywhere are vowing to spread this latest information, stopping him dead in his tracks.

Barack Obama is a hardcore Saul Alinsky radical who worked for Alinsky in Chicago. He learned straight from the evil man himself that planning is everything. Obama was never going to retire, and now, we’ve uncovered another big part of the puzzle to stay in power — the man he has been grooming to be president.

That man is Tom Perez, who is a far leftist and like his mentor is anti-police and in total support of the Black Panthers. Back in December, Huffington Post reported, “The outgoing president wants his labor secretary, Thomas Perez, to succeed him as the top figure in the Democratic Party.”

“Tom Perez has been, I believe, one of the best secretaries of labor in our history,” Obama said at his end-of-year press conference. Perez challenged Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) in the race to chair the Democratic National Committee, and Obama did not mention Ellison by name in his remarks.

Tom Perez’s views are identical to Obama’s, and the two men are even the same age. Obama’s plans are to have Perez chair the DNC for a couple of years and then launch his bid to run in 2020 against Trump. Politico reports today, Perez has got the numbers to win the DNC Chair, so Obama is getting his way.

Obama trusts Perez, and he has tested him. He sent him to the Trayvon Martin case, where Perez said that racism was all over that case. Perez was the guy Obama sent in to back his play and get the violent New Black Panther party (NBPP) off the hook after the NBPP had engaged in blatant voter intimidation during the 2008 election:

Perez testified to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights that political leadership was not involved in the decision to dismiss three of the four defendants in the NBPP case. [But] the Department of Justice Inspector General released a report stating that Perez’s testimony did not reflect the entire story. [via Wikipedia]

This means Perez was less than truthful while trying to prop up the NBPP who engaged in voter intimidation for Barack Obama. That’s one example of many times Perez has bailed Obama out of scandals. Obama wants Perez to be the next president, and in turn, Perez will appoint Obama to some high office, where he can continue to “transform America.” That’s Obama’s master plan.

President Donald Trump (left) shocked seasoned politicians, building a political machine based in the grassroots, middle America. Barack Obama’s “Organizing for Action” (right, pictured holding “Forward” signs) is the response to try to take Trump out.

That’s where these 85,000 plus trained agitators come in. Earlier his week, we reported on Obama’s organization called Organizing for Action (OFA). Now, we’ve learned additional details from Paul Sperry, the reporter at the New York Post who broke the OFA story.

Paul Sperry told Lou Dobbs that Obama has already trained tens of thousands of organizers in Alinsky tactics at his boot camps. He calls it a “shadow government,” with nefarious plans to hit Republicans at their town hall meetings coming up during the spring break.

Sperry told Dobbs, “These are professionally trained radicals. They are schooled in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals tactics in a program that lasts six weeks. And that’s about 32,000 people who have gone through that, over 32,000. Another 25,000 are under training now. And they have another training seminar coming up in March.”

“Obama wants to get his guy Tom Perez in as the DNC chair, then they will get the proprietary database from the DNC with all the big donor information and add that to OFA’s list of donors and then they have a super-structure, and that’s going to be a formidable organizing infrastructure,” warned Sperry.

Obama is building a powerhouse political machine. He will have the agitators, not low-level thug types but smart agitators who can debate and attract the useful idiots. He will have Perez situated to run in 2020, and he will have the big money donors.

It sounds scary, but let’s remember one thing. Hillary Clinton had a huge machine, much like what Obama is building. Now that we know his plan, we know we have a real war on our hands. Right now, the sharks are gathering, these “leakers” who are trying to take Trump out, and our job is to spread the truth to the American people.

We shellacked the Democrats in November, and we can do it again. Let Obama organize his minions; we will remain a huge thorn in his side and will take down his agitators and his pet Tom Perez, just like we annihilated Hillary Clinton.

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