Obama Furious At What He Just Got After He Awarded Himself Special Medal

Obama Furious At What He Just Got After He Awarded Himself Special Medal
Barack Obama (left), Getting medal he awarded himself (right)

Marking the end of his era as our horrible leader, Barack Obama will be giving his farewell speech tonight from a city that represents him well — Chicago. Thinking these last eight years have been great, Obama awarded himself with the Distinguished Public Service Medal for his efforts, but it just backfired on him after what he got today following that arrogant move.

During his goodbye speech tonight, he’ll likely tell us about the incredible change he thinks he’s been to our country and the legacy he’s leaving behind for us, but regardless of how hard he tries, there’s only one thing he’ll be remembered for. His last-ditch effort to look like a hero to this country, by awarding himself the honor as the most distinguished person in public service, was just another lie by him and his administration, which the world is wise to.

Powerful leaders of our nation before him have gone out with a nickname for citizens to remember them by, which serves as a reflection of their presidency, and it is typically an honor — unless you’re Barack Obama. Andrew Jackson is known as “Old Hickory,” and James Buchanan as “Old Buck,” but Obama has been dubbed simply as “The Pussy,” which we can thank Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters for.

“Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters called President Obama ‘a total pussy’ during a live interview Monday for what he views as his impotent response to the threat of Islamic extremist terrorism,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

“This is a president who doesn’t want to hurt our enemies,” Peters added. “This is a president who cares more about thugs in Guantanamo or thugs in Ferguson, Missouri than he does about law-abiding American citizens and their right to live in safety and peace.”

The new moniker couldn’t be more fitting and proves that the time-honored tradition, giving previous presidents with the most reflective nickname of their style of leadership, is still going strong.

h/t: [FederalistPapers]

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