Obama’s Celeb Friend Calls Otto Warmbier ‘Stupid A** White Boy,’ Barack’s Response Is Worse

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Otto Warmbier (left), Barack Obama & Larry Wilmore (right)

Barack Obama’s celebrity friend, so-called comedian Larry Wilmore, is under fire after he used Otto Warmbier’s as fodder for his Comedy Central show. Laughing, Wilmore found it funny that Warmbier was facing 15 years of hard labor in North Korea and called him just a “stupid a** white boy” for getting arrested by the communist regime. Obama also weighed in on the University of Virginia student’s death, and his response will make you sick.

The far left is out of control following the death of Otto Warmbier. Larry Wilmore, a racist African-American comedian, ripped into Warmbier last year in one of the most horrendous displays of racism most people have ever heard. He made fun of his name, implying it’s close to Hitler’s, and called him out, saying, “White privilege isn’t going to save you there, boy,” while showing the video of Warmbier terrified and pleading for his life in front of the North Korean kangaroo court.

It went on for eight excruciating minutes, full of crude remarks, and now that Warmbier has passed away, Wilmore has zero to say. There’s been no apology to his family and the Comedy Central website still has the video posted. Unfortunately, Wilmore is not alone. The idiots at Huffington Post are just as disgusting with their article titled “North Korea Proves Your White Male Privilege Is Not Universal.”

Below is a taste of that HuffPo piece written by a Black Lives Matter devotee calling herself “La Sha.” This will leave you sick:

As I’ve said, living 15 years performing manual labor in North Korea is unimaginable, but so is going to a place I know I’m unwelcome and violating their laws. I’m a black woman though. The hopeless fear Warmbier is now experiencing is my daily reality living in a country where white men like him are willfully oblivious to my suffering even as they are complicit in maintaining the power structures which ensure their supremacy at my expense. He is now an outsider at the mercy of a government unfazed by his cries for help. I get it.

Then we have Affinity Magazine, a bunch of hostile black feminazis who expressed their inhumanity by saying, “Watch whiteness at work. He [Otto] wasn’t a kid or innocent. You can’t go to another country and try and steal from them. Respect their laws.” But, that wasn’t all. Another tweet said, “North Korea, a socialist country, killed an American because he stole a poster. Socialism kills humanity. Don’t let it come here!!” This was their response:

Barack Obama got his feelings hurt after the Warmbier family blamed his administration for not working to get their son out of North Korea. However, the former president couldn’t be bothered with speaking himself. Instead, he sent his lackey spokesman out to deliver these words: “During the course of the Obama Administration, we had no higher priority than securing the release of Americans detained overseas. It is painful that Mr. Warmbier was not among them but our efforts on his behalf never ceased, even in the waning days of the administration.” What a pile of crap.

What do the plight and brutal death of Otto Warmbier have to do with race? Obama pushed the Black Lives Matter narrative, using race as his backdrop for everything he did. He polarized this nation. Now, everything that happens, even the death of a bright, hopeful, young American, is politicized as a race issue by the left. Those racists are not patriots, they are traitors, and their sick message must always be called out as a message of hate or we will never make America great again.

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