Obama’s CIA Director Jail-bound, Sabotaged Trump With Help From 6 Countries

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John Brennan (left), President Donald Trump (right)

Barack Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan is now the focal point of both Congressional intelligence committees as new damning information was revealed, confirming that he tried to use the CIA, with help from at least six other countries, to help Hillary Clinton win the presidency in exchange for a huge favor. What this dirtbag did is enough to not only make your blood boil but send him to jail for breaking political espionage laws.

According to The Gateway Pundit, a new report has surfaced showing that John Brennan, Obama’s former CIA Director, was the origin point in the American intelligence community who facilitated the political espionage of President Donald Trump in an attempt to take him down before he won the election.

Brennan’s collusion with intelligence agencies from at least seven other countries to defeat and then discredit Trump is being regarded as the biggest intel collaboration in recent history against a political figure. The most important questions are finally getting answered in this latest bombshell revelation. Now, we understand why so many corrupt players went up against Trump, and it isn’t a pretty picture.

Barack Obama (left), John Brennan (right) (Photo: Common Dreams)

According to The American Spectator, in an effort to keep his position as CIA director under Hillary, Brennan joined forces with British spies, along with the intelligence agencies of at least 5 other countries, including Germany, France, Poland, Australia, and Estonia. The faulty information Brennan gathered and leaked to the press was used by the FBI to start their probe of a computer server connected to Trump Tower and also gave cover to Susan Rice for Obama’s political unmasking scheme. The pieces are finally coming together and not in a way that will help Brennan avoid prosecution.

Brennan’s CIA worked as if they were a branch office of the Hillary campaign, disseminating information from their bogus investigation to the press in hopes of causing the maximum amount of political damage to the Trump campaign. An official within the intelligence community told TAS that Brennan’s team of political radicals didn’t even bother trying to cover up their partisan activism as they decorated their offices with “Hillary for president cups” and other campaign contraband.

Brennan, who was a supporter of the American Communist Party at the peak of the Cold War, recruited into the CIA a team of subversives and gave them lofty positions from which they could wage their war against political opponents. This type of behavior from Brennan and his team of radicals is an imminent threat to our nation’s freedom and democracy.

Brennan also watered down regulations, surrounding what was appropriate conduct for CIA operatives, made it easy for left-wing activists to find a place in which to root themselves within the CIA. Under the guise of official CIA operations, these left-wing hacks could easily present their “investigations” and conclusions as “non-partisan.”

Brennan deserves to go down for this. There is no way in hell that America can survive these kinds of traitors planted so deeply inside our intelligence community. It’s time for American patriots to make noise, make calls, make demands, and bring prison sentences for Brennan and his like.

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