PROOF: Scandal-Ridden Obama Punished Conservatives As He Favored Satanists

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Pictured: Barack Obama (left) and a Satanic priest (right) (Photo Credit: Church of Satan Archives)

The scandal-ridden Obama administration just can’t seem to escape their misdoings, even months after Barack Obama left the White House. The former president is now being tossed under the bus once again for his treatment of conservative groups and directing his administration to delay their tax-exempt status, and now, we’ve got proof that he intentionally treated Satanists better than conservatives.

The most transparent administration” not only has stains on their legacy that caused death and destruction, like “Fast and Furious,” but they have been accused of using the tactics of dictators when it comes to dissenting opinions. Obama’s IRS was accused of delaying or just simply rejecting the tax-exempt status of conservative groups, and now, new documents have been found that prove Obama punished his political rivals while he was president, which is not only illegal but something only a hardened fascist would do. Unfortunately, it gets worse.

Documents obtained by a government watchdog group show that the creator of the “After School Satan Clubreceived speedy tax-exempt status. By “speedy,” we mean that the group of Satanists wasn’t stuck behind the bureaucratic red tape that the Obama administration insisted conservatives go through. In fact, the Satanic group was approved almost immediately.

The Treasury Department files obtained by Judicial Watch last week show Reason Alliance, the Satanist group in Somerville, Massachusetts, was given nonprofit status within 10 days of its application in October 2014, while conservative groups, especially those who called themselves the “tea party” or “patriots” were delayed months and some even waited up to 7 years.

Tea party activists Bob Mason (left) and John Oltesvig (right)

These documents surfaced after an FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request was sent out in an effort to see if the Obama administration punished conservatives while giving political favor to others. While some have brushed this off as a conspiracy theory, the IRS even admitted they illegally targeted conservatives during the Obama years, but they have yet to face justice for this scandal. Of course, Barack Obama is being let off the hook too.

These documents prove that conservatives were not “making this up” as many liberal outlets tried to claim in order to protect their communist savior, Obama. The IRS either made conservative groups “wait up to seven years for tax-exempt status or denied their application altogether,” Judicial Watch said in a statement. In addition, most Americans wait for their income tax return longer than the Satanist group waited to be declared “tax exempt.” The Obama administration thought of all conservatives as enemies and punished them as political dissidents. However, Satanists were not the enemies of the Obama administration and were given favorable treatment.

Those guilty will likely go unpunishment for this scandal, like all the others on Obama’s watch. He either directed this or knew it was happening, and he should face hearings and be charged as a tyrant. Unfortunately, it’s no secret that the FBI is still protecting Democrats regardless of how many crimes they commit against the American people. Over the last 8 years, it became apparent that the government existed solely to protect criminal Democrats, so it’s no wonder Donald Trump was elected. The American people have had enough.

Conservative groups have a legitimate beef with the Obama administration that the IRS will never have to face. Unfortunately, Democrats willingly handed enough power to the government that any criminal will be able to pretty much do anything they wish while in public office without ever facing repercussions thanks to the precedent set by the Obama administration. Hopefully, President Donald Trump can drain the swamp, changing this troubling reality, and make America great again.