Obama’s Defense Secretary Spied On Trump, But Look Who She Was Working For

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President Donald Trump (left), Evelyn Farkas

Evelyn Farkas is facing a media firestorm after spilling the beans about illegal government surveillance of President Donald Trump. New bombshell information is coming to light that is so damning, it incriminates a major politician, and Farkas was advised to get legal council and a bodyguard right away. You’ll be shocked at who Farkas was really working for.

Evelyn Farkas worked as Obama’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, which is a political appointment, meaning Obama picked her for her loyalty to the far leftist cause. She’s a globalist and an elitist, sitting on the Council of Foreign Relations. However, it’s now being exposed that it wasn’t Obama she was working for.

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Farkas dropped a bombshell that the Obama administration had heavy surveillance on Donald Trump and his associates and that it was she who was pleading with them to keep it up and to leak it, both of which are felonies. That information sent the conservative media into a frenzy, but now, the real bombshell is coming out — and it’s so damning that it puts Hillary Clinton right in the middle of this spying on Trump scandal. Evelyn Farkas wasn’t working for Obama; she was working for Hillary Clinton. 

“Aside from what appears to be a brazen confirmation of spying on the Trump team, the bigger red flag here is Dr. Farkas wasn’t employed by the Obama administration at the time the Russian allegations arose. According to Pentagon records, Dr. Farkas resigned in September of 2015,” reports Zero Hedge.

She resigned in September 2015 to go work on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Remember, everyone in Washington, D.C., thought Hillary was going to win, and Farkas was positioning herself for a new appointment when that happened.

However, Farkas’ Wikipedia page was just scrubbed of any link to Hillary at all, but Fox News confirmed she was indeed working on Hillary’s campaign after she left Obama in September of 2015 — the timeframe that Trump was spied on:

Farkas would go on to serve as a foreign policy advisor for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, telling the New Yorker earlier this month that she thought Clinton ‘got it’ when it came to issues regarding Russia.”

David Bossie, Deputy Campaign Manager to the Donald Trump, also confirmed on Fox and Friends that Farkas was working on Hillary’s campaign, so the question is how in the hell did Evelyn Farkas know about classified surveillance on Trump and his associates while working on Hillary’s campaign and is there any doubt Hillary knew too?

The video below shows David Bossie discussing Evelyn Farkas working for Hillary Clinton during this timeframe and the shocking evidence she spilled about her role, urging the illegal spying on Trump. They also discuss her bombshell admission that she encouraged leaks of classified information to hurt Trump.

“By ‘the Hill’ Farkas means congressional Democrats and their staffers. As MSNBC flashed an image of the Times story on the screen, Mika Brzezinski stated that Farkas ‘actually knew about this attempt to get and preserve information…and were doing some work yourself.’ That’s nice work if you can get it,” reports Powerline.

Evelyn Farkas, as a private citizen working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, has thoroughly incriminated herself as taking part in aiding and abetting acts of espionage on the president-elect of the United States. The sentence, if found guilty, is life in prison.

Farkas’ admission also puts into question whether Hillary Clinton knew. Most people will agree, it’s hard to imagine she did not know and this spying on Trump was always an effort to aid Hillary in the election. Jay Sekulow, the well-known attorney, told Sean Hannity that Farkas better get an attorney and get one fast, saying, “We need a grand jury tonight, it’s felony upon felony at this point.”

Many on social media have advised Farkas to get a good bodyguard too, especially if Hillary Clinton is feeling threatened. Most everyone knows about the suspicious deaths associated with the Clintons, and you can bet Farkas will be subpoenaed to testify in front of the House Intel Committee by Devin Nunes. She’s the smoking gun that can connect Barck Obama and Hillary Clinton to covert operations against the 45th President of the United States, and for that, she better get ready to turn on them or face a lifetime in prison.

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