Staffers EXPOSE Obama’s Ridiculous Demand As Trump Moves Into White House

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White House staffers are preparing to move the Obamas out as the Trumps move in on January 20th, and they already see one huge difference with Trump’s plans that have liberals pissed off. Barack and Michelle see themselves as king and queen, and one staffer has outed one of their ridiculous demands that will blow your mind.

Barack & Michelle Obama acted like King & Queen (left), Donald Trump (right)

One hundred staffers have only six hours to move the Obamas out of the White House and move the Trumps in on inauguration day, January 20th. Wanting to drudge up trash on Donald Trump, the mainstream media thought White House staffers might shed light on the move. However, instead of showing Trump in a bad light, the one detail that came out proves it’s the Obamas who think they are royalty.

Stephen Rochon, the White House chief usher, told CNN on Sunday, “One thing that we were very aware of is the new president [Obama] wanted a special shower head. And so we had to scramble to make sure we had the perfect rain shower head for President Obama.

That’s not what those jackals at CNN wanted to hear. They wanted some dirt on Trump, but the White House chief usher, who was probably holding back all kinds of other demands the Obamas made, gave that one detail — Obama had to have the most “perfect rain shower head” — and that is what’s making headlines.

Making it worse for CNN’s Jake Tapper, Rochon was quizzed on any special requests from Trump, and that is what is pissing off the liberals. Trump’s response to questions about his move in plans differ in every way from Obama’s:

As far as Trump’s requests, the President-elect told Tapper that he does not have plans to redecorate the White House in his signature opulent style saying, “It’s a very special place. I’m going to be working. I’m not going to be decorating.” [via CNN]

It wasn’t that special of a place to Michelle Obama, who claimed time and time again that slaves built the house she was living in. Queen Michelle also decided to spend $600,000 dollars redecorating the White House State Dining and Old Family Dining Rooms, which were met with mixed reviews, especially with the country’s economy in the crapper and how she changed it to make it a showcase for her husband:

“The blue in the draperies echoes the ‘Kailua’ blue that trims the modern-inspired china service the first lady unveiled in April and recalls the waters that surround President Barack Obama’s home state of Hawaii.”

Michelle’s White House Old Family Dining Room re-do with abstract art from their “African-American” friend artist on wall (left), Blue “Kailua” drapes for the State Dining Room to remind the Obamas of Hawaii (right)

This is the White House, not the Obama’s permanent family residence. So, Michelle had no business changing any White House room into her personal family room. But, unfortunately, it didn’t stop there. Michelle also fired the White House florist, Laura Dowling, who had held the job for over six years with rave reviews. The reason? Michelle liked things more “aesthetic” — in other words, plain.

Most Americans agree Michelle has terrible taste, including her taste in clothes, her taste in making all schoolkids eat only what she declared healthy, and her taste in spending millions on unneeded vacations. I can’t imagine what a pain in the ass she was for the White House staff.

Here is the good news, though: in only a little over two weeks, Americans will have a true patriot in the White House, who is not thinking about the shower heads or making the dining room look like Trump Tower. All Donald Trump cares about is doing the job we elected him to do, so good riddance to King and Queen Obama. They will not be missed in the least.

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