Obama Takes Credit For Trump’s Economy, So Sarah Sanders Unleashes His Worst Nightmare

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Barack Obama is a fraud and a hack, and he proved just that by trying to claim responsibility for President Donald Trump’s economic success. Too bad for Obama, things just blew up in his face as White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders just unleashed the former president’s worst nightmare.

Obama Takes Credit For Trump’s Economy, So Sarah Sanders Unleashes His Worst Nightmare
President Donald Trump (left), Barack Obama (center), Sarah Huckabee Sanders (right) (Photo Credit: Flickr, Screenshot/YouTube, NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Mad World News previously reported on a speech that Obama recently made in Chicago, Illinois, where he said that Trump’s success was merely a “continuation” of what he had started. However, there’s just one problem – it’s a flat-out lie.

In fact, Obama was the only president in the last 50 years who didn’t achieve a 3% GDP growth during a single year of his presidency. As if that wasn’t bad enough, his worst year was actually negative, while his last year was his second to worst.

Of course, he blamed George W. Bush for the first, but he’s apparently hoping that people will merely forget about his last year in office since that actually shows that he was nothing more than a lackadaisical do-nothing president.

During his lame-duck year, things just slid back and actually canceled out any progress that he had made. With the GDP growth in 2016 coming in at just 1.5%, it’s clear that his economic “growth” was actually on the decline and not in the upward trend that he most recently pretended that it was.

Making matters worse, the liberal media wants to focus on every negative aspect of Trump’s presidency no matter how little, irrelevant, or flat-out false that it is. For months now, Trump has been saying that he’s not getting credit for the incredible things he’s doing for America, her people, and the economy – and he’s right.

In fact, CNN proved just that by being complicit in yet another example of “fake news” by saying that Trump’s campaign was given hacked WikiLeaks documents during his presidential campaign. Of course, he wasn’t, but that didn’t stop the news from spreading like wildfire, which is exactly what the liberal idiots wanted. If they can’t find anything to attack Trump over, then they’re just going to make stuff up to try to hurt him.

Too bad for them, he’s fighting back tooth and nail against crap like this – and he’s not alone. In fact, IJ Review reports that Sarah Huckabee Sanders decided to combat the fake news and specifically took aim at Obama himself.

Unleashing the former president’s worst nightmare, it seems that Sanders came along with the one thing that can take any liberal down – the truth. Calling the recent economic growth the “Trump Miracle,” she made sure to given credit where it was due.

As Mad World News previously reported, Obama once personally told factory workers to kiss their jobs goodbye and said that they would not be coming back. What’s more, Obama looked into the audience, in front of cameras, and promised Americans that there’s nothing Trump would ever be able to do if he became president to change that fact.

Smug Obama has been forced to embarrassingly eat his words after Trump has achieved the impossible. We’re now seeing that Obama was wrong as Trump is bringing those jobs back. In fact, Sanders explains that America added 40,000 new manufacturing jobs in November, the most in over 15 years, and the overall economic growth has resulted in a staggering “2 million new jobs.”

Barack Obama was nothing more than a lazy piece of crap who got elected because of the color of his skin. Still, to this day, liberals laud the man as some kind of hero, despite the fact that he was the worst president we’ve ever had.

Too bad for them, they’re getting a taste of what real hard work, success, and know-how looks like in the Oval Office – and there’s only more good things to come in the future. The Democrat Party is teetering on the brink of extinction. It’s only a matter of time before their base starts to see through the smoke screen. America is on the rise – and anyone fighting against that is as dumb as it gets.