Obama Inserts Himself In England’s Politics & The Queen Puts Him In His Place

As the Queen of England stands up to the European Union and publicly supports “Brexit” (Great Britain’s removal from the EU), Barack Obama is expected to visit the country next month. However, Queen Elizabeth II is delivering a slap to the face of the President of the United States, and she doesn’t care if the world knows it.

As if Obama couldn’t look any weaker and more lame-duck than he already does, it seems that his visit to Great Britain will be one of forced pleasantries for those actually wanting to meet with him. Obama is expected to stand next to the British Prime Minister and support Britain staying in the EU.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

Accompanied by his security circus, Barack Obama will have to make his way to Windsor in his bomb-proof, seven-ton limo for lunch with the Queen. He is expected to anger those that seek freedom from the European Union, and that’s the reason the Queen is refusing to take time from her day to see the narcissistic president.

Buckingham Palace is not painting the Queen’s decision as a “refusal” to meet Barack Obama, but it instead claims this was the plan all along. Lunch at Windsor Castle was allegedly the way Obama’s trip was planned out either way, regardless of the disagreement about whether Great Britain will stay in the EU.

Most sources do admit, however, that Obama would do well to control his words. “But he’d be well advised not to give a pro-EU sermon over lunch after the row about the Queen supporting Brexit.”

“The visit will allow the President to offer his gratitude to the British Government and people for their stalwart partnership with his Administration and the American people throughout his Presidency,” added The Independent.

Obama’s divisive rhetoric and habits of sticking his nose in business that doesn’t involve the US has now reached foreign countries. He’s being snubbed by the elderly Queen over his choice to give his unwanted opinion on affairs in another country. If only Obama could take this as a lesson, but with his disastrous presidency close to ending, he isn’t likely to start making friends now.

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