Obama Was Screwing Patriots, Hidden Evidence At IRS Was Just Uncovered

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Barack Obama (left), Patriot groups protest former Obama in 2012 (right)

After a shocking discovery, we now have proof that Barack Obama used the IRS to screw patriotic Americans. If you actively tried to make sure he wasn’t re-elected in 2012, you might be one of the thousands who Obama targeted, and you may not have even known it — until now. Attorneys just found what Obama was hiding at the IRS for years, and it’s going to blow your mind.

Judicial Watch is a group of attorneys who have been highly successful in forcing the courts to turn over documents through the Freedom of Information Act. Now, after years of going after the IRS for targeting conservatives involved in groups like the Tea Party, Judicial Watch has shocked Americans with what they found hiding at the IRS.

Judicial Watch announced today that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reported to a U.S. District Court that it located “an additional 6,924 documents of potentially responsive records” relating to a 2015 Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit about the Obama IRS targeting scandal. [Source: Judicial Watch]

These 6,924 additional records were hidden until Obama left office. How do we know? Well, the IRS was compelled by the US District Court to turn over everything they had on Obama targeting conservative groups, using the IRS as his weapon, back in 2013.

Although the IRS admits that they have these additional records, they refuse to reveal exactly what they say or what sanctions they are enforcing by the Obama administration. They must reveal something pretty illegal because they are scared to death.

“The corruption at the IRS is astounding. Our attorneys knew that there were more records to be searched but the Obama IRS ignored this issue for years,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “President Trump needs to clean house at the IRS as quickly as possible.”

Patriots who were involved in groups with either “tea,” “patriot,” or “Constitution” in their names were targeted, and the order to harass these groups came straight from the top: Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett. It started in 2011 after Tea Party groups had major success during the 2010 elections, where the Democrats got shellacked, as even Obama admitted.

Tea Party spokesman Becky Gerritson gave testimony on Capitol Hill in 2013, providing evidence that the IRS targeted her group, treating them like criminals:

After that 2010 shellacking, Obama and his minions feared that Tea Party groups would derail his 2012 re-election, so they hatched a plan to destroy patriots involved in those conservative groups by using the IRS against them.

What could be so damning in what was just found and who could have been affected? Tea Party leaders found themselves being messed with personally. After it was discovered that the IRS harassed the conservative groups with Gestapo tactics, demanding names and social security numbers of anyone attending Tea Party-type meetings, for example, the IRS had to change how they attacked patriots.

Being personally involved and harassed as a Tea Party spokesman myself, I can speculate what is in the 6,924 records just found. I believe patriots who attended meetings and were quite active in opposing Obama probably got letters saying they owed the IRS back taxes, their tax payments were not received, or they filed wrong. The IRS followed through on these scare tactics too, and that’s exactly what happened to me.

Catherine Engelbrecht of “True the Vote,” a group founded to root out voter fraud, was targeted by the FBI who visited her four times. After she found major voting discrepancies, Engelbrecht’s businesses were affected, and this was after she was already the subject of intense IRS scrutiny.

Engelbrecht says the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also conducted an unscheduled audit of Engelbrecht Manufacturing in February 2012. That was followed by another unscheduled audit in July 2012 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and another in November 2012 by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. [Source: Fox News]

If you or anyone you know was involved with patriot groups between 2011 to 2015 and had strange tax audits, seizures, or the FBI or DOJ harassing you with no cause, it’s highly probable that you were identified by the Obama administration as a “problem” that needed to be dealt with. That’s what’s in those records. The names and information of thousands of Americans who joined in Tea Party activities.

So, Obama’s gone, and this all in the past, or is it? We know there are Obamaites still in the federal government who have access to all of our information, identifying us as enemies of Obama and the Democrats. It’s time the IRS is purged of all Obama appointees, and they are made make public what they are hiding in those records. All Americans have a stake in freedom and liberty. Even if it’s just one citizen affected, it affects us all in ways that eventually destroy our great Republic.

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