People Sick At What Was Hidden In Plain Sight At Obama’s Farewell Speech

People Sick At What Was Hidden In Plain Sight At Obama's Farewell Speech
The Obamas at Barack Obama’s Farewell Speech Last Night

Barack Obama took the stage for the final time last night to say goodbye to the nation he led into distress. The room was filled with his most faithful teary-eyed followers, including his wife and eldest daughter in the front row. However, his speech full of lies wasn’t all that was seen and heard, leaving those who caught what was hidden in plain sight in complete disgust.

With just nine more days of occupancy in the White House, President Obama and his family are as reluctant to leave as their liberal worshipers are to see them go. A sea of people mostly wearing Democrat blue, filled the room Tuesday night in Chicago to reluctantly say farewell and hang on his every word — or lie, as it turned out when some were shocked to see the hidden message in the middle of his address which was caught on tape.

Knowing that a real leader is about to move in and make things great again, some of Obama’s supporters, who are terrified to see him dethroned, were at the event last night, begging him to stay in a desperate attempt to keep their dear leader. As our current president stood before the crowd with tears welling up in his eyes, a group of attendees hidden in plain sight among the people began chanting, “4 more years,” probably in hopes that somehow their cry would change term limits and how democracy works.

Obama’s response spoke volumes when he said, “I can’t do that,” seemingly to insinuate that he would go after another four years of presidency if it was possible and continue his path of destruction. Thankfully, it’s the end of the road for him and his followers, who will just have to suck it up and accept that Donald Trump is in charge. The rest of us had to do that for eight years under Obama.

It’s about time that someone, who is willing and capable of saving our nation, takes over. President Obama had more than enough time to prove that he can’t keep his campaign promises.

h/t: [RedStateWatcher]

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