Obama Leeches FURIOUS As Favorite Freebie Comes To Grinding Halt For Many

Obama Leeches FURIOUS As Favorite Freebie Comes To Grinding Halt For Many
Donald Trump (left), a welfare family (stock, right)

The easy life of the freeloader has come under strain after President Donald Trump was elected. Unfortunately for them, things just got a whole lot worse – and many of former President Barack Obama’s leeches are furious as their favorite freebie is about to come to a grinding halt.

Mad World News has reported on a few things that Trump is doing away with in terms of entitlements. Although Obama hoped the “free” giveaways would ensure years of blue voters, that’s all about to change – and the newest incident is proof of that.

According to Young Conservatives, “The Senate on Tuesday dealt the final legislative blow to an Obama-era regulation that limited drug testing for individuals seeking unemployment benefits.” During his tenure as president, Obama sought to allow virtually anyone to get on the system even if they were involved in criminal behavior:

Under a 2012 law, states can only drug test individuals applying for unemployment benefits if they were previously fired for drug use or work in jobs for which workers are regularly drug tested. The Obama rule specified a list of jobs [that] could be included under the law. [Source: The Hill]

Simply put, Obama tried to limit social workers from denying benefits to fired employees even though the leeches still had money for drugs. As one would imagine, many saw this as a severe overstep because it limited a state’s ability to determine its own drug testing policy.

Obama Leeches FURIOUS As Favorite Freebie Comes To Grinding Halt For Many
Barack Obama

Unfortunately for him, this too – like so many other things – is now being reversed. Although the freeloader’s wet dream initially passed with a 51-48 vote that towed party lines, it’s now being reversed and is expected to be signed by Trump next. After that, if you fail a drug test, you’ll automatically be declined for unemployment benefits.

Obama may have thought that he created legacies that would be remembered for the next few generations, but that clearly isn’t the case. With almost everything his lazy butt did over the past 8 years now nearly reversed, the only thing he’ll be remembered for is something out of his control – the color of his skin.

In short, this recent move is just common sense. If you have money for drugs, then maybe you should readjust your priorities before demanding others fund your life of laziness and luxury. The days of freeloading are over. Welcome to the dawn of responsibility.

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