Obama’s Freeloaders FURIOUS As Trump Takes Away Another Major Freebie

Obama’s Freeloaders FURIOUS As Trump Takes Away Another Major Freebie
Donald Trump (left) just pissed off freeloaders (right) by taking away a major freebie.

During his 8 years as president, Barack Obama created a haven for lazy freeloaders looking for a handout in exchange for voting blue the next election cycle. Unfortunately for welfare parasites that got used to the “free” money, that gravy train just came to a grinding halt – and they are furious as President Donald Trump just took away yet another of their beloved freebies.

Yesterday, Mad World News reported that Trump’s Federal Communications Commission, under the direction of Ajit Pai, acknowledged the fraud that is rife within the former president’s “Obamaphone” program. As a result, the government entity is significantly rolling back funding and shutting off quite a few freeloader phones in the process.

However, Trump isn’t done there. He’s intent to rooting out fraud anywhere he can find it in the welfare system. Specifically focusing on the criminals in our country that aren’t entitled to such benefits, Trump has switched focus to the illegal immigrants that Obama has allowed to leech off of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

If you were a citizen of Mexico and you heard that the American government was giving free money to anyone who crossed their border, well, it’s safe to say there isn’t a single person that wouldn’t go for that. However, that’s the problem as Obama has enabled those breaking our nation’s laws by rewarding them for their criminal behavior.

Obama’s Freeloaders FURIOUS As Trump Takes Away Another Major Freebie
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Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that if you’re not a U.S. citizen, you do not have the rights of an American as outlined by our Constitution and you are not entitled to government assistance. Unfortunately, Obama didn’t see things that way – but it won’t be long before things change as Trump just released a devastating executive order.

The order requires that immigrants “likely to need certain types of public aid” to be identified before entry into the United states, and immigrants using those services to be deported. In addition, it calls for financial responsibility from relatives who promised to support the immigrants they sponsor instead of what they do now and rely on social aid. As far as the potential savings goes, it could be as large as “$100 billion,” but there is not yet clear data to support this figure. [Source: Downtrend]

Most of America knows that the left has a “cradle to grave” mentality that essentially enslaves voters to their Democrat masters through dependence. Hoping to get them addicted to free government money (a.k.a. the hard-earned money forcefully taken from taxpayers), the idea is that if they want that cash flow to continue, they’ll have to vote for Democrats and the cycle continues. In short, politicians are paying for votes with the money of those that don’t even support them.

Fraud and corruption are running free within the political system here in America, and the American taxpayer always gets shafted in the end. Fortunately, Trump is working hard to negate that reality and right that wrong by once again making the government work for “the people.”

This is the land of the American dream, but somewhere along the line, politicians started making the system work for themselves. Enough is enough. It’s time the freeloaders of society find their own way. We’re done paying for their lazy lifestyles.