Obama Frees Crack Dealer, Then Hears Who Ex-Con Went To See Afterwards

An Ohio inmate was lucky enough to recently fall under the Obama administration’s mass release of federal inmates. However, it seems that the ex-con decided to celebrate, and it’s most recently come out exactly who he went to see afterwards – and worse, what he did while he was there.

The entire ordeal was set into motion by President Barack Obama himself. As it turns out, 35-year-old Wendell Callahan was released four years early for his drug related charges because of changes to federal sentencing guidelines. According to Judicial Watch:

The change is part of President Obama’s effort to reform the nation’s justice system as a way of ending racial discrimination.

Despite the warnings of countless people across the nation, Obama decided to ignore the voices of many and do what only he saw fit. In turn, Callahan thanked Obama for his generosity by traveling to the home of his 32-year-old ex-girlfriend in Columbus, Ohio, where he murdered her and her two children, ages 7 and 10.

Obama Frees Crack Dealer Who Kills Mother And 2 Kids After
Wendell Callahan (Photo Source: Weasel Zippers)

According to reports, Callahan killed the woman first, but he didn’t want any witnesses left for the police, so he decided to kill the kids as well. If Obama would have left this disgusting excuse for a human to rot in jail like he deserved, this incident would have never taken place.

Unfortunately, the bloody scene was found by the woman’s current boyfriend, who engaged in a struggle with Callahan before the ex-con fled the scene. He was quickly caught and brought back to jail where he should have been.

As explained by Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien:

“There are multiple charges regarding the three victim deaths because there are different methods to commit the crime of murder and the Prosecutor’s Office typically charges all methods.”

Callahan is currently sitting behind bars on $3 million bail and is now facing a 10-count, death-penalty indictment. Although I doubt Obama will be losing any sleep over the matter, this is yet another case of his negligence that resulted in blood on his hands.

There’s a reason that thugs are in cages like the animals they are. To free monsters of this magnitude should be criminal itself. After all, it was Obama’s hand that resulted in the deaths of these three innocent people.

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