As Obama Golfs, Trump Sends Him The WORST NEWS Of His Retirement

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Former President Barack Obama (left), President Donald Trump (right)

Barack Obama got an extremely rude awakening in the early days of his retirement. President Donald Trump is firing on all cylinders as he knocks down Obama’s failed policies, one after another. After just one week in office, our new president has turned the progressive world upside down, and just when the lefties thought they might get a break, Trump made a new maverick move that is going to push them over sanity’s edge.

For years, Obama and his cronies made every possible move to hinder our law enforcement agencies from enforcing the majority of our immigration laws. From local police departments all the way up to federal agencies, the Obama administration wreaked havoc in an all out effort to destroy our country’s demographic.

The more illegal immigrants they could let in, the more Democrat voters there would be. The equation was simple. However, now that we have the ultimate “deplorable” in the White House, its time to rebuild. According to a report by Breitbart, President Trump has announced that he is reviving a crucial immigration law enforcement program that Obama had all but killed during his corrupt time in office.

The initial news of President Trump’s decision to revive this program which deputizes local law enforcement to enforce immigration law was overshadowed by the other simultaneous announcements that took front stage. Building our border wall and hiring thousands of additional federal agents received most of the publicity. However, now that the mainstream media has run out of steam with those issues, greater attention is being given to President Trump’s plan to mobilize local law enforcement on immigration.

According to a report by Fox34, over 60 police and sheriff’s agencies were granted the special authority as of 2009 to enforce immigration laws. Since that time, the number of participating agencies was cut in half by the Obama administration in an effort to perpetuate the catastrophic progressive immigration agenda.

Now that we have a president who is focused on making America great again, it is crucial that invaluable programs such as these are utilized immediately. The routine liberal hissing and moaning are sure to follow, but it will not divert us from our course. I can just see Obama now, shaking his head in disgust as he reads this very disappointing news.

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