Viral Pic Shows Obama Helping Flooded Texans, Then Someone Spots 1 Detail Liberals Missed

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Liberals everywhere have been sharing a picture of former President Barack Obama after he was pictured allegedly helping victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Unfortunately for the Trump-haters trying to use the photo to make the current president look bad, things spectacularly blew up in their face as a few keen eyes spotted one damning detail that everyone else seemed to miss.

Viral Pic Shows Obama Helping Flooded Texans, Then Someone Spots 1 Detail Liberals Missed
President Donald Trump (left), former President Barack Obama (right) (Photo Credit: DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos/Wikimedia Commons, Twitter)

There’s no arguing that the left wants to keep our country divided. That’s why they condemn President Donald Trump for the same things that they once praised Barack Obama for doing, and it’s why they don’t even mind lying to help push their political agenda.

In fact, liberal losers decided to prove just that most recently after posting a picture of Obama supposedly helping out at a shelter of some kind. According to the original post by Aiden Benjamin‏, the former president was reportedly helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas by dishing out meals in a food line.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the ignorant left to start sharing the photo in a desperate attempt to make Trump look bad. In fact, CNN reports that it was shared a whopping 7,000 times in less than a single day before it was taken down.

With snide remarks like “you’d never see Trump doing something like this,” their point became rather clear. Too bad for them, it all blew up in their collective face as a few keen eyes spotted one damning detail that the liberals who shared it miraculously missed.

According to BizPac Review, “the photo is from 2015 of the then-first family serving Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter.” Although the Twitter user describes his account as a “parody account for laughs,” people seemed to eat it up.

Later, Aiden deleted the photograph and issued a formal apology to all the idiot liberals duped by his comical satire. There’s a very good reason that the term “fake news” is being used quite often these days – and the blame falls directly at the feet of the left.

As we all know, the left tried to use the term to attack Trump and his supporters, but it quickly bit them in the backside as it was hurled at them for every false “fact” that they threw out as truth – and that habit was rather frequent. Aiden’s post proves that the left is nothing more than a mindless army regurgitating whatever they are told without any critical thinking.

At the end of the day, a simple search is easy to do, and it only takes mere seconds to find out the truth. However, these people just saw what they wanted to see and shared the image without a second thought simply because they thought it could hurt Trump once again.

Of course, Trump is actually headed to Texas today to help out while Obama is likely planning his next vacation with his billionaire buddies, but you won’t hear that from them. They can try to make Trump out to be the bad guy all they want, but when push comes to shove, he’ll show you that America comes before all else any day – and that’s something you’ll never get from Obama.