Obama Hides In House For Days, Now We Know Foul Reason After What Was Just Found Inside

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Former President Barack Obama has made it no secret that he loves the life of luxury which he was able to achieve by leeching off the American people for the past 8 years. However, reports most recently indicate that he has locked himself in his Washington, D.C., mansion for a foul reason – and now, we know why after what was just found inside of it.

Obama Hides In House For Days, Now We Know Foul Reason Why With What Was Just Found Inside
Barack Obama (left), his Washington, D.C., mansion (right) (Photo Credit: Pinterest, Screenshot/USA Today)

If it weren’t for liberal bias, Obama would easily go down in history as the country’s worst president as nearly everything in our nation was worse when he left office. Race relations were down the toilet, our position on the national stage had fallen, the economy was still in a tailspin, and the national debt was twice as bad as when he had taken on the challenge of “fixing” it.

Of course, that right there is all you need to know to realize how ineffective he was in terms of running the country, but for some reason, he’s still the idol of the left. Too bad for him, that may soon change as they find out what he’s been up to these past few weeks.

As it turns out, Obama has been locked away in his D.C. home for days, living quite an odd life in just one of his multimillion-dollar mansions. In fact, it seems that the reason for him hiding from the public is downright foul – and now, we know why after what was just found inside of it.

According to an explosive new book titled “All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump,” written by Edward Klein, Obama now sees himself “as sort of a hipster ex-president.” Even worse yet, Obama “has been holed up in his Washington, D.C. mansion smoking marijuana, eating cannabis-infused Gummy Bears and playing video games,” Todd Starnes further reports.

“He gets the weed from friends who visit him. I was told he keeps a small stash in his bedroom. [The former president and first lady have separate bedrooms in their Kalorama mansion.] He has rolling papers and hasn’t forgotten how to roll a joint. Sometimes he’ll smoke in his bedroom, and sometimes in the backyard. But mostly he does it when he’s traveling.” …

“At one point, he became so concerned about people smelling pot around Kalorama that he asked friends to get him some edible stuff. They got him brownies, cookies, and gummy bears infused with THC [the chemical compound in cannabis].” [Source: WND]

What a valuable way to spend your time as the former leader of a country, right? Let’s not help others. Let’s not see how we can use what power we have left to do good in the world. Let’s plant our butt on the couch, get blasted, and play video games. Nice.

Sadly, I doubt anyone would really be shocked after seeing this guy’s do-nothing presidency, which really makes you wonder if he was getting stoned then too. So, actually, this is right on par with Obama. One can only wonder if this would hurt the man’s image in the eyes of the left or whether they’d just see it as “cool” and a well-deserved lifestyle after all the “hard work” he put in during his 8 years as president.

In the end, Obama is everything the right has said he was – a worthless P.O.S. who got where he was because America “needed” a black president. After his record and performance in Congress, he shouldn’t have been president. As one would imagine, that showed immensely during his 8 years of absolutely nothing but disaster. Now, he’s still doing the same – absolutely nothing good.

Imagine how dumb you have to be to condemn a man like President Donald Trump, who has worked for everything he has in his life and is now a billionaire, while you cheer on a worthless man who sits at home smoking weed and playing videos games like an unemployed teenager in his mom’s basement. Sadly, that right there sums up the mentality of the left completely – and it’s downright pathetic.