Obama Humiliated, Insider Reveals Embarrassing Secret About His New Life

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Former President Barack Obama (left), Obama and billionaire Richard Branson (right)

Barack Obama may have been ousted from the White House, but he’s still just as entitled as ever in his new life. Several insiders have spoken with the media now that the former president is no longer in office, and they have revealed some pretty embarrassing secrets about his life now. Needless to say, Obama should be completely humiliated by the recent accusations.

“Imagine putting on a suit and tie almost every day for eight years. I think he enjoys not having to do that,” Obama’s chief of staff, Anita Breckenridge, told PEOPLE, as if he were the only man in America required to wear a suit and tie to work. If this was the extent of Obama’s plight, it’s a bit difficult to feel bad for him.

Plus, the man spent literally hundreds of days out on the golf course in shorts and a t-shirt, so Breckenridge isn’t fooling anyone. Does she think we’ve all forgotten so quickly?

Although Obama is now officially retired, he still somehow requires a staff of 20 people to help him with his day to day routine. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t even begin to know what to do with so many servants. Since this is Obama we’re talking about, you can bet he employs at least half of them just to stroke his fragile ego.

Barack and Michelle Obama are on the cover of PEOPLE Magazine’s latest issue.

Breckenridge also revealed that Obama still does not drive himself around “and probably won’t for awhile.” Perhaps the most embarrassing aspect of the article for Obama was the claim that he is now “fumbling to operate the coffeemaker.”

That’s right, the man who thought he could run the free world can’t even brew his own cup of coffee. That’s pretty damn sad. No wonder he left us saddled with an astronomical national debt, a global refugee crisis, and a crumbling foreign policy — He’s an idiot!

The most recent issue of PEOPLE features Obama and his wife on the cover. As Mad World News previously reported, several insiders have come forward to speak about the former president now that he is no longer in office, and they don’t have many good things to say. Another source revealed the foul-mouthed rant Obama embarked on after receiving an unexpected call from President Donald Trump on election night.

Thank goodness this man is no longer in the White House. Seeing as he can’t even make a cup of coffee or control his temper, I dare say we’re much better off without him.

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