Obama Intelligence Official Just Stabbed Him In the Back, And He Is Furious

Barack Obama (left), James Clapper (right)

The liberals in our government have become a broken record with their baseless accusations of President Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia. With the help of the mainstream media, they’ve pissed off the majority of Americans, and now even Barack Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence has stabbed him in the back with one big admission which kills the Russian conspiracy theory once and for all.

According to The Gateway Pundit, former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper admitted during an interview, Sunday, May 14, that there was no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. Liberals are furious with the back stabbing admission made by Clapper because it takes their campaign to derail Trump’s presidency in another direction — oblivion.

During an interview on the Sunday edition of ABC’s “This Week“, Clapper made the following confession as millions of liberal jaws hit the floor. Clapper said, “At the time I left office I had no evidence available to me that there was collusion. But that’s not necessarily exculpatory since I did not know the state of the investigation or the content.”

Let’s just cut to the chase. The Russian conspiracy theory was Hillary Clinton’s backup plan in the event that she lost the election and she had the full support of the Obama Administration in launching the big lie. After all, Obama had just as much to cover up and hide as Clinton did, so they both benefited from the Russian conspiracy lie.

Now, Clapper gets on national television and tries to dance around previous comments he’s made about there being no evidence, and when presented with the opportunity to help his own team, he stabs them in the back. Whether he meant to do it or not, he totally undermined the left’s argument.

The day to day grind of liberal whining as got to be an eye opener for millions of Americans who were formerly undecided about which team to pull for. It really has gotten to an almost silly state of exaggeration from the liberal world.

American patriots never believed the Obama-Clinton lie, and those that didn’t know what to think are now tired of hearing liberals continue the false narrative. Democrat politicians are guilty of not just wasting valuable time during which they could have actually been doing their jobs, but they have become accomplices in one of the biggest political scandals of our nation’s history.

When future generations look back at these leftists, it won’t be with any kind of respect or kind regard. They are a cultural eyesore and an embarrassment to respectable hard-working Americans.

While our country still suffers from 8 years of Barack Obama’s corrupt dismantling of our national security and economy, they continue to prop up fake arguments and spend their time attacking a president who has done more in a few months than their entire party has in a decade. Liberals need to understand that their game is over and that it’s time for us to get real work done now.

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