Obama Sneaks Away To Meet Former Italian PM After They’re Both Busted By Trump

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Barack Obama arrived in Italy for a climate change conference, but at the last minute his plans changed and he also had a private meeting with the former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. This is no coincidence. President Donald Trump just exposed Barack’s dirty deeds. You’ll love this.

Barack Obama with former Italian PM Matteo Renzi looking over his shoulder (Photo Credit: Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images)

Barack Obama has a lot to talk about with former Italian PM Renzi. In fact, Renzi and Obama are good friends. Both are socialists and both are allegedly involved in spying on President Trump.

The latest shocking information regarding the spying operation on candidate Trump and then President Trump is that the CIA used foreign governments to do things they couldn’t get away with. One of those countries was Italy, and at the time their PM was Matteo Renzi.

We know this thanks to President Trump and his relationship with Italy’s new PM Giuseppe Conte, who was elected for the same reasons as Trump. He’s for “Italy First” and is against socialist and globalist policies which were enacted by his predecessor Matteo Renzi.

In July 2018, President Trump met with the new PM, Giuseppe Conte, and at that meeting, it was reported the president asked Conte to look into the intel officials who were working under Barack Obama’s good friend, the former Italian PM Matteo Renzi.

Then, last month, Italian media reported that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has requested the resignations of several top Italian intelligence officials.

The move is being interpreted as the Conte government responding to the previous governments’ coordinated activity with U.S. intelligence officials during the 2016 U.S. election surrounding “Spygate.”

Now, that happened a little over three weeks ago, but you won’t find the mainstream media touching this story. PM Conte is draining the Italian swamp who assisted the US deep state rats’ spying operation. We also know President Trump exposed Barack Obama as knowing all about Spygate.

ABC’s George Stephanopolous asked Trump, “You clearly believe that there was a group of people working against you. Do you think President Obama was behind it?”

“I would say that [Obama] certainly must have known about it because it went very high up on the chain, but you’re going to find that out,” the President said. “I’m not going to make that statement quite yet, but I would say President Obama had to know about it.”

Now, Obama is over in Italy, and he just happens to be having a private meeting with the former PM who was the Commander in Chief of these intel officials who were just fired for spying on President Trump?

Can we guess what these two Trump-haters will be discussing? 

“Former President Barack Obama touched down in Milan, Italy, on Monday, kicking off a two-day trip in which he will meet with former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and also discuss climate change at a conference,” reports People Magazine. “The former president is scheduled to meet privately with Renzi, his close ally while in office, before attending a dinner hosted by the Institute for International Political Studies.”

This is a big deal over in Italy. They have an ongoing investigation into these former intel officials and are calling it “Italy-gate.” Could Obama be covering his tracks with Renzi as these investigations heat up? That’s what most conservative sleuths believe who have been following this story.

According to La Repubblica, the behavior of the intelligence operatives could destroy the country’s “credibility in the precious international information network.”

“If the press reports were confirmed, we would be faced with an episode that would humiliate the structure of our Intelligence and the people involved and that would create a very serious precedent, establishing an extremely dangerous and unacceptable practice in a democratic country.”

George Papadopoulos, the Trump campaign aid, suspects that the Italians have flipped and are giving up Barack’s CIA chief John Brennan, and that will lead straight to Obama.

He tweeted back in May: “The Italian prime minister has suddenly requested resignations from 6 deputy directors of Italian intelligence agencies: DIS, AISI and AISE. This was all after I outed Mifsud in Rome and the president called the Italian prime minister. Italy has flipped and are giving up Brennan.”

Conte and his new government are very angry that their predecessors under Renzi were involved in helping the deep state rats spy on President Trump. Now, much like Trump, Conte is faced with draining the Italian swamp.

We can be grateful that the Italians elected a good man who is helping our president get to the bottom of Spygate. Barack Obama can knock himself out having his private meeting with Matteo Renzi. Neither of them has any power in their respected governments. It looks like the truth is catching up with all the deep state rats, and now we know a few of those rats are hiding in the swamp in Italy.

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