King Obama At It Again, Slaps Law Enforcement In The Face One Final Time

President Barack Obama has been a disgrace to our nation since the day he was inaugurated. Although we had no idea what he had up his sleeve for the next eight years – we do now, and we’re thankful it’s almost over. However, King Obama isn’t going to go without a fight, and what he did most recently to slap our nation’s law enforcement officers one final time is infuriating.

During Obama’s role as Commander-in-Chief, he has not done a good job with maintaining a positive relationship with America’s law enforcement officers. In fact, what he did (or didn’t do, rather) on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D) only further proves he’s horrible at his job, leaving our nation embarrassed by his actions once again.

King Obama At It Again, Slaps Law Enforcement In The Face One Final Time
Barack Obama laughing (left) and law enforcement (Right)

A Republican congressman, Dave Reichert, attempted to call Obama to light the White House blue in honor of law enforcement across the country. However, in true Obama fashion, he simply ignored the phone call, acting as if it wasn’t a concern of his. Further making matters worse, Obama has quickly organized similar celebratory lights for other celebrations that have come and gone during the time he was in office.

“Obama has not agreed to do so, but has displayed lights at the White House for other groups in the past, including the LGBT community,” a spokeswoman from Republican Washington Rep. Dave Reichert’s office said, according to The Daily Caller. It’s a slap in the face that Obama would light the up the White House for the LGBT community or light it up purple when Prince died, but he can’t offer the same respect to the law enforcement heroes of our country.

The White House lit up

Barack Obama is a disgrace to our country and has done more harm than good in the past eight years. Thankfully, President-elect Donald Trump is set to be inaugurated in a few days, and Obama will be gone from our White House for good.

It’s going to feel good having a man leading our country who loves and respects it. Personally, I think even whiny liberals will realize that Trump is exactly what our nation needed to become great again, but I doubt that they will ever admit it.

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