Obama Leeches FURIOUS To Hear Who Trump Just Gave Their Favorite Freebie

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Obama Leeches FURIOUS To Learn Who Trump Gave Their Favorite Freebie To
Barack Obama’s favorite illegal alien freeloaders (stock, center) are furious after learning who Donald Trump just gave their favorite freebie.

Welfare leeches left behind by Barack Obama aren’t too happy today after President Donald Trump just ended their favorite freebie without a moment’s notice. However, that wasn’t even the worst of it for the entitled freeloaders as they were later left furious to hear who received their handouts — and it is absolutely perfect.

There have been a few things that Trump has remained rather enthusiastic about through both his campaign and presidency. Perhaps the biggest focus at the moment is that of illegal immigration, and he just dealt those committing the crime a major blow.

According to reports, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has ordered the Director of ICE to “immediately terminate the provision of such outreach or advocacy services to illegal aliens.” In short, the “free” money that Obama was stuffing into the pockets of illegal leeches just came to a grinding halt – but things only get better from there.

Obama Leeches FURIOUS To Learn Who Trump Gave Their Favorite Freebie To
Donald Trump

During Trump’s campaign, he went a step further than just voicing the importance of securing our borders. He also expressed concern for the families of the victims of illegal alien crimes. Regularly championing them and frequently visiting them as well, the president just came through in a major way for the families of those most negatively affected by illegal immigration.

Holding true to his word, Trump recently decided that the money previously being given to Obama’s enabled criminals should instead go to help those who were victims of crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens. In fact, the order given to ICE further demands that the agency “reallocate any and all resources that are currently used to advocate on behalf of illegal aliens to the new [Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement] Office.”

Obama Leeches FURIOUS To Learn Who Trump Gave Their Favorite Freebie To
(Source: Young Conservatives)

Making matters even more exciting, Sean Spicer further explained the official effort by saying, “This office [VOICE] will facilitate the engagement with victims and their families to ensure questions and concerns regarding immigration enforcement efforts are addressed.” Trump is making sure that the government works first and foremost for the American people.

Our nation was in a pitiful state under the tyrant reign of Barack Obama as virtually everyone else was valued more than American citizens. Now, we’re beginning to see Trump make good on his promise to “make America great again.” Americans need to come first – period.

If you don’t like your country and want to come here, that’s fine, but you have to do it legally. The second you break the law, you become a criminal not worthy of any handouts from the American people. You want respect, then respect our laws. Do things the right way. It’s a shame that even has to be said.