Obama Humiliated! Bombshell Reveals Legacy Destroyed Thanks To Trump’s Surprise

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Former President Barack Obama was recently left humiliated after a few eye-opening facts were exposed. A new bombshell report destroys Obama’s legacy, and it was all thanks to President Donald Trump’s surprise.

Obama Humiliated! Bombshell Report Destroys His Legacy With Trump's Sneaky Surprise
President Donald Trump (left), former President Barack Obama (right) (Photo Credit: JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP/Getty Images, SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

The mainstream media will do whatever it takes to uplift their precious former President Barack Obama as the idol they think he deserves to be. However, as is often the case, the truth will find its way out, and it seems Obama’s worst nightmare just emerged.

According to Rasmussen Reports, President Donald Trump is doing a remarkable job in his position as Commander-in-Chief. In fact, the bombshell poll shows exactly what Obama never imagined could have happened — America likes Trump better than him. In fact, the report paints quite the different picture than what we get from the mainstream media.

Despite his electoral landslide that won him the presidency in November 2016, President Donald Trump has faced nothing but criticism from the mainstream media. Thankfully, both Obama and the mainstream media are about to finally be put in their places, and it’s all because of the truth that’s been exposed after it was purposely ignored.

Currently, President Trump’s job approval rating sits at a healthy 48 percent. At this time in Barack Obama’s presidency (February 7, 2010), his job approval rating was only 44 percent. So, what’s the big deal? That puts Trump’s current approval rating +4 over Obama’s at the same point in his presidency — even though the media lauds Obama as so loved and Trump as viciously hated by the American people.

That’s not even the best part. On that same date, according to Breitbart, “a full 56 percent disapproved of the job Obama was doing. On the other hand, only 51 percent say the same about Trump — a +5 point advantage for our current president, and an overall advantage of +9.”

Undoubtedly, this is a humiliating hit to Obama’s ego. Not only did he work hard at making a name for himself as an admired president, but he despised Trump from the very beginning of his campaign. Of course, he tried to appear professional, but the obvious hatred he held has only been proven by the lengths his administration went to in order to not only protect Hillary Clinton, hoping to get her elected, but also the harm they tried to bring to Trump by illegal means that are all just now coming to light.

Obama Humiliated! Bombshell Report Destroys His Legacy With Trump's Sneaky Surprise
President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: Karl-Ludwig Poggemann/Flickr)

If the mainstream media spent less of their time focusing on working against Trump and actually did their jobs, they just might find their own ratings going up. The American people want to hear the truth when they watch the news, not a media utterly incapable of reporting the clearcut facts without bias. Since Trump’s approval ratings started to drastically improve a few weeks ago, it seems that the intensity of the liberal media’s attacks has only increased.

The public is beginning to realize that what they hear through the mainstream media can’t be trusted. They insist President Trump is a disaster, but he is still at a higher approval rating than Obama, who the media has favored since the very beginning of his presidency.

Honestly, Obama should be humiliated over these facts. They’re the truth. They’re what America truly thinks. And, there’s no reason the news should be so biased against an individual solely because of his political affiliation. Instead, the job he’s doing is what they should report, and Trump should be praised for that.

Becoming the President of the United States is no easy feat and the fact the Donald Trump did it without any political background is a miracle in itself. Then, he just kept winning for the American people. Trump has officially proved the liberals all wrong, and with this bombshell, we all know who America really favors. Sorry, Obama.