As Obama’s Legacy Spirals out of Control, He Is Seen Getting Down. Even Liberals Are Fed Up.

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The world is in flames. Chaos abounds. We are all doomed. At least that’s what the left will have you believe. There is one man who can still pull us back from the brink of destruction. But as liberals desperately hope that Barack Obama can save them, he is seen far from where they want him to be. Meanwhile, his last remaining symbol of his legacy is in peril.

As Barack Obama’s legacy fades, he is seen far, far away. (Photo Credit: Obama Foundation, Daniel Borman/Flickr)

Already, most of Obama’s accomplishments in office have been overturned by President Donald Trump. Sure, we have Obamacare and “catch-and-release” to contend with, but the major impacts of the Obama years have been wiped away in the first year and a half of Trump’s presidency.

Donald Trump has eliminated Obama’s heavy regulations. He pulled out of the Paris Climate According. Obama’s “Iran Nuclear Deal” is dead. And of course, Trump nixed the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Thanks to the GOP tax bill, Obamacare’s individual mandate is gone too.

Is there anything Obama accomplished that Trump has kept in place? It’s getting hard to see. Outside of this fading image as the “golden boy” among liberals, there isn’t much left of Obama’s influence on America (outside the ever-widening divide between white and black Americans, of course).

There is only one thing left that can secure Obama’s legacy in the country: his library. But the $200 million+ boondoggle is plagued with controversy. The massive complex that is supposed to forever cement Obama’s time in the White House has been contested by Chicago residents and activists. Now, the construction has been pushed back yet another year.

Construction has stalled on the Obama Presidential Library until at least 2019 while the federal government reviews a rental scheme that allowed the Obama Foundation to build its library in the middle of a historic park and around major streets on Chicago’s South Side…

The Foundation is technically “renting” the land from the City of Chicago for a nominal fee, something the park’s detractors — and there are many — say is a “sweetheart” deal, especially considering that the Obama Foundation could likely afford a higher payment, and that the library’s surrounding community could really use the cash. [Source: Daily Wire]

Liberal activists were hoping Obama’s Foundation would use private and public funds to rent the land. That money would then be funneled to local projects that would benefit these progressive groups. This is a common money-laundering scheme Obama employed throughout his tenure in the White House (see: DOJ shakedowns).

But it seems like the corrupt liberals running Chicago cut another deal with the Obamas, and it offended the rank-and-file. Now, they are launching protests over how the future library will destroy historic parts of the park and disrupt the region. Don’t turn on your own supporters, Obama. They can get very ugly, fast.

Considering the federal government is getting involved — you know, the government run by Trump — this project might get dragged out for a very long time. We might not see Obama’s precious library getting built any time soon — if ever. Perhaps a bit of Obama’s star power could go a long way in pushing this thing forward. After all, the community needs this bizarre, misshapen building with its basketball courts and digital archives.

Except, Obama’s nowhere to be found. Last we saw him, he was getting down at a concert in Maryland.

The Obamas were spotted just outside DC Saturday night at a Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert dancing to a song called “Ni**as in Paris.”

Concert attendees captured cell phone footage of the Obamas at the second of two On the Run II tour shows this weekend at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland…

CNN contributor April Ryan was excited. [Source: The Gateway Pundit]

Oh, how glorious! The rich, entitled Obamas are partying with Beyoncé and Jay-Z. All is right with the world!

Except there are plenty of people upset that the former President is shirking his responsibilities. Whatever’s left of his legacy and the great “victory” of 2008 is about to be put on the back burner. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is languishing, as their made-up Blue Wave turns into a puddle. Even CNN’s Jake Tapper was fuming.

It’s okay, I guess. You see, Obama was never in it to serve the people. He was a puppet for the liberal elite. He did his job, weakening our nation to appease globalists. Now, he’s just “living his best life.”

It doesn’t matter if that library will ever be built. Or if the Democratic Party crashes and burns. As long as he can party it up at Jay-Z’s show, then all is well. The rest of us will clean up his mess.