Obama Jets To Martha’s Vineyard Where He’s Spotted Meeting With Cabal ‘Father-Figure’

Barack Obama in SUV (left) and deplaning from private jet (right)

Barack Obama may be out of the White House, but we all know he is not out of politics. His one mission is to remove President Donald Trump from office, and he takes his orders from the globalists like George Soros. Now, he has just jetted to Martha’s Vineyard, and he’s already been spotted meeting with one of the main global elitists, a man he sees as a “father-figure.” You don’t want to miss this.

Barack Obama jetted to Martha’s Vineyard to celebrate his 56th birthday, or at least, that’s what the press release says. However, something else caught the eye of conservative reporters, and that’s who Obama was spotted visiting. “The Obamas are taking their annual summer vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, this time as private citizens. [They also] pay visits to longtime friends who vacation on the island, including Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s former senior adviser, and Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree,” reported Portland Press Herald.

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You might be thinking to mention Valerie Jarrett is a little strange, since she lives with the Obamas in Washington, D.C., or so says many reports, and that brings us to the man that is of interest to us — Charles Ogletree. He was just diagnosed in 2017 with Alzheimer’s, but his mind is all there for now. He’s an elitist from academia, who stays in the shadows.

Ogletree is the man who admits to hiding video footage of a young Barack Obama from the American people during the 2008 campaign, and he’s a known globalist who specializes in ratcheting up racial tensions across America. Now, Barack is visiting him at Martha’s Vineyard, and that should be concerning to everyone. Ogletree is one of the earliest Obama supporters, who really is responsible for duping Americans into voting for Barack as the video below shows.

But, first, to put this video into context, what it shows is a young Barack Obama at Harvard, introducing and hugging a known Black Panthers radical named Professor Derrick Bell. You’ll hear Ogletree then say, “Of course we hid this through out the 2008 campaign, but I don’t care if they find it now.”

Liberals want Americans to forget who Charles Ogletree really is and why it was of tantamount importance to hide that video during the 2008 campaign. Back in 2012, Daily Mail reported, “Conservative rabble-rouser Andrew Breitbart had promised to release the ‘explosive’ video, which shows Mr. Obama embracing outspoken academic Derrick Bell, just weeks before his sudden death last Thursday.”

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So, right before Andrew Breitbart is found dead, he is pumping his fist at CPAC, saying he found something pretty damning on Obama, who said to “open your hearts and minds” to this Derrick Bell who he idolized. According to The Blaze, “A quick search of Law Review articles reveals a troubling story. Namely, that Derrick Bell’s perspective on the law was eerily similar to Jeremiah Wright’s perspective on God and His relationship to America.”

Barack Obama hugging Derrick Bell (left), Barack Obama & Charles Ogletree (right) (Photo credit: Daily Mail)

Ogletree too was a lover of Bell and his philosophy. Bell wrote a Sci-Fi novel that sums up his weird fascination that white Americans would sell blacks in the future. “In ‘The Space Traders,’ aliens arrive and offer the United States ‘enough gold to retire the national debt, a magic chemical that will cleanse America’s polluted skies and waters, and a limitless source of safe energy to replace our dwindling reserves.’ The U.S. just has to give the aliens one thing in return: all of our black people. (Guess what white Americans decide?)” wrote Bell.

Obama may be out of office, but he is not out of politics, as he, himself, admits. In fact, Obama may be more dangerous as a private citizen with his extensive network and the millions that he is pouring into his “army” at “Organizing for America.” His one goal is to remove President Donald Trump from office and ensure his radical transformation of America continues.

Notice how anyone who supports Trump is a racist? That’s a play right out of the Derrick Bell handbook, so Obama meeting with Ogletree reminds us that the radical black agenda is a major component in their attempts to remove Trump. It’s why they have Maxine Waters screaming that even liberal Democrat attorney Alan Dershowitz is a “racist” for concluding that this Russian-Trump investigation is a circus side show with zero merits.

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We must be able to point to these facts to prove the real racists are Obama and his minions, who use radical means to get what they want. Well, no more. Patriots are armed with the facts. They boast about lying to Americans, and now, those lies are catching up to them, making Obama and his rats scurrying back into the dark where they belong.

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