Obama Shows Up In Miami & Tries To Be Trump, Hecklers Teach Him Nasty Lesson

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Former President Barack Obama flew to Florida on Friday, where he spoke at a Miami rally for Sen. Bill Nelson and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. Apparently, he was still trying to be president even though his time in the White House ended nearly two years ago. Obama lectured voters about health care, hate, and rhetoric. However, it wasn’t long before several fed-up hecklers taught him a nasty lesson.

Barack Obama speaks at a campaign rally in Miami, Florida. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Fox News Insider/YouTube)

Barack Obama’s rally in Miami on Friday was stalled multiple times by angry hecklers who were tired of hearing the former president pontificate on issues that he did a poor job of handling himself when he was the one in the Oval Office. As he rallied for Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, Obama could barely finish a sentence without being interrupted.

Barack Obama seemed visibly annoyed by hecklers several times during a Friday rally in Miami for Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

In one instance, the former president stopped and told hecklers to “go support the other candidates” and “don’t come holler in here.” [Source: The Daily Caller]

“So these are all the reasons I’ve come down to Miami,” said Obama. “But the real reason I came down to Miami because this Tuesday might be the most important election of our lifetimes. Politicians will always say that, but this time it’s actually true. The stakes really are that high. The consequences of any of us staying home really are more dangerous. Because America is at a crossroads …”

Interrupted by hecklers at this point, Obama addressed them by asking why they were at “my rally.” Of course, the rally was not for Obama at all; he is not campaigning for office. However, the fact that he considered Gillum’s rally to be his own speaks volumes about his narcissism.

“Hold on a second,” said Obama. “Hold on a second. Listen. Here’s the deal. Here’s the deal. If you support the other candidates, then you should go support the other candidates. Don’t be here. I never — one of the things I never understood was why if you’re supporting the other guy, you come to my rally? Go to their rally. Go talk about what you’re for. Don’t come holler in here. Where was I?”

At another point, Obama said the hecklers were acting from an “old playbook … one that the powerful and the privileged turn to whenever control starts slipping away.” And, during a third instance, Obama said he looks “forward” to a “few hecklers to get [him] back in the mood” of campaigning.

President Donald Trump also held a rally on Friday, and it was much better attended than Obama’s gathering. “I heard President Obama speak today. He had a very small crowd, I have to be honest. They don’t tell you that. You know they don’t tell you that,” Trump said.

“We had in Houston, we had the biggest thing you’ve ever seen and they were saying, ‘Donald Trump spoke today in front of a few thousand people — a few thousand. We had over a hundred thousand people that wanted to come. We had 22,000 people in the arena,” Trump said in reference to his Houston, Texas, rally on behalf of Sen. Ted Cruz.

“But I heard President Obama speak today. I had to listen I was in the plane and I had nothing else to do. And I heard him talk about telling the truth. He was talking about, ‘You have to tell the truth,’ and yet 28 times he said you can keep your doctor, if you like your doctor. You can keep your plan, if you like your plan. They’re all lies, over and over again you heard that,” said Trump.

If it were up to Barack Obama, he’d still be President of the United States. But, unfortunately for Obama and his liberal cronies, Donald Trump has systematically dismantled the destructive policies they put in place.

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