Obama Gets Bad News As Military Delivers Brutal Message About His Legacy

As President Barack Obama’s time in our White House draws to an end, the real and raw thoughts of military service members are now coming out, and it’s bad news for Obama. With his reign almost officially over, the military has rated his legacy, revealing their true feelings about the soon-to-be ex-Commander-in-Chief.

Barack Obama has had eight years to leave his mark on the military, and he did. Although he’s leaving with a few liberals feeling positively influenced by his leftist policies, he won’t have the military’s respect. In fact, many service members have even accused Obama of trading a strong military for political grandstanding, which has allowed the rise of terrorist groups, such as ISIS, after Obama tried to slim down the military might of the United States in exchange for devasting the economy with social policies, which have proven to be only divisive.

Pie charts breaking down Obama’s favorability by military branch.

According to the latest Military Times/Institute for Veterans and Military Families poll, more than half of the troops surveyed said they have an unfavorable opinion of Obama and his two terms leading the military while only about 36 percent said they approve of his job as Commander-in-Chief.

Approximately 60% do support Obama’s use of drone warfare to protect the lives of Americans, but that’s about the only praise the military has for the Nobel Peace Prize winner, who has bombed more countries than his predecessor George W. Bush.

The military has many complaints about Obama, including the president’s decision to decrease military personnel (71 percent think it should be higher), his moves to withdraw combat troops from Iraq (59 percent say it made America less safe), and his lack of focus on the biggest dangers facing America (64 percent say China represents a significant threat to the U.S.)

Congressman Sean Maloney salutes the American flag while in uniform.

The majority of the military sees Obama as a politician and not a leader who takes the safety of the United States and her people seriously. He would rather force his progressive ideals, such as gun control, than focus on actually keeping America safe and honoring those who agreed to serve the country.

Unfortunately, Obama doesn’t seem to care that the military has rated him so low. As the narcissist packs his bags, after being the most liberal president in America, he’s leaving a stain on the military and American defense that will be difficult to remove.

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