Obama Makes Big Mistake During ‘Comeback’ Speech & Trump’s Laughing Hard

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Barack Obama (left), President Donald Trump (right)

Barack Obama decided to make a big “comeback” speech in Chicago, Illinois, and no one missed the fact that he is trying to help the Democrats disrupt President Donald Trump. Obama presented himself as the new and improved community organizer, but no one was fooled. When Obama made a huge mistake, patriots caught it right away, and now, Trump’s getting the last laugh. You’re going to love this.

Barack Obama’s playing coy with the mainstream media, who eat up every single word the former president says. So, when Obama announced he was out of politics for good and that he would be helping young people out at an overly hyped event in Chicago, the press depicted the return of Obama like the second coming of Christ.

CNN, the far left media outlet, reported, “Obama’s highly-anticipated public appearance comes just days ahead of the symbolically significant 100-day mark for Trump — a milestone that one Obama adviser insisted is ‘far from his mind.'”

Right. Obama’s timing has nothing to do with anything that is going on with his mortal enemy, President Trump. “Issues at the top of Obama’s mind these days include Obamacare, foreign policy, and climate change, an adviser said,” CNN reported.

Enough of the suck-up press on Obama’s great return. The truth is, Obama is a political animal, and he is gunning for Trump, but this big comeback is marred by one huge mistake that he made. While trying to act all sympathetic toward illegal aliens, Obama made the comparison to legal immigrants coming through Ellis Island.

“These are overwhelmingly just families [illegal aliens] looking for a better life for their children. It’s like I used to say, sometimes in crowds who didn’t want to hear it, that it’s not like at Ellis Island, all of those people had all their papers straight,” said Obama. See what he did? He tries to compare illegal aliens to legal immigrants, but that’s not the only problem.

Most Americans had relatives come through Ellis Island, and it was hell for legal immigrants coming from Europe. They were kept there for medical testing and even IQ testing. Even the Ellis Island website puts it like this: “To arrive to New York and Ellis Island didn’t mean that you knew if you could stay or not in the new country. In front of them waited strenuous and time-consuming controls.”

Legal immigrants go through Ellis Island (left), Illegal aliens hijack their way into the United States (right)

So, what is Obama talking about having “papers in order”? If your relatives came through Ellis Island, they went through tough exams and rigorous interrogations before they were allowed into the United States. Either Obama thinks patriotic Americans are stupid, or he believes no one will call him on the crap he’s selling. Well, he’s wrong.

President Trump’s supporters aren’t falling for this big Obama comeback. We see right through him and what he is trying to do. Trump’s got to be laughing hard after that sad display in Chicago. If that’s all Obama and his advisers have got, then bring it on. The silent majority in this country have spoken, and there is no way we’ll be fooled again. Obama can take his bogus stories and go back to the fawning celebrities who worship him and pay for his million dollar vacations.

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