Obama & Montel Attack Benghazi Hero Over ‘Wild Conspiracy,’ Forced To Regret It

Montel Williams attacked Benghazi hero Kris Paronto. It all started after Barack Obama blamed “the Republican Party, for ‘wild conspiracy theories – like those surrounding Benghazi,'” in his recent speech. Paranto was livid, especially after Barack also claimed, “And, I killed Osma Bin Laden.” After the Benghazi hero set the record straight on who really killed Bin Laden and exposed the truth about Benghazi, Montel decided to call him a “Liar.” Paronto made Williams and Obama instantly regret it.

Barack Obama (left), Benghazi Hero Kris Paronto (middle), Montel Williams (right) (Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images, Kris Paronto/Twitter, TMZ/Screenshot)

Montel Williams is a washed-up talk show host who is trying to stay relevant by attacking supporters of President Donald Trump and anyone who questions the word of his idol: Barack Hussien Obama. Williams lapped up Obama’s recent speech, where the former president claimed the controversy surrounding Benghazi is just some “wild conspiracy theory.”

Kris Paronto, who was one of the heroes who actually survived Benghazi as most Americans know, couldn’t believe his ears as he listened to Obama’s blistering lies on Benghazi and Bin Laden last Thursday.

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The Benghazi hero immediately got suspended from Twitter after calling out a liberal troll who echoed Obama’s claim that he killed Bin Laden by attacking the real man who did, Navy Seal Robert O’Neill.

Robert O’Neill also weighed in with Paronto on Obama’s horrendous speech, attacking Barack with a tweet that read, “Nazis are bad. Now try saying ‘Radical Islam…'”

The liberal troll had no idea who he was attacking when he responded to O’Neill’s tweet by posting, “[Obama] kinda killed Osama Bin Laden, so….” Seriously, we can’t make this stuff up. This is also where Montel Williams got involved.

Enter that leftist hack, Montel Williams. He jumped into the fray by zeroing in on Paronto’s righteous attack of Obama’s bogus claims and sickening rhetoric that Benghazi is just a right-wing conspiracy theory. The Army Ranger, Paronto, got suspended by Twitter for questioning the almighty Obama and defending O’Neill.

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Twitchy reports, “Benghazi hero Kris Paronto was suspended by Twitter and forced to delete a tweet where he tagged and mocked the anti-Trump account @itmustend_ for that account’s tweet at SEAL Team 6 member Robert O’Neill saying that it was Barack Obama who killed Osama bin Laden.”

Montel Williams loved that the Benghazi hero got suspended for questioning Obama and quickly sent off a tweet to Paronto, which he later deleted. It said, “No. This is what happens when you act like a prick son. You’re not being persecuted. Sit down, shut up and grow the F up.”

Patriots immediately jumped all over Montel, causing the coward to run and hide like a big baby. Poor Montel felt the wrath of Trump supporters who stand with Kris Paronto and aren’t buying Obama’s lies about Benghazi. Williams was so scared he deleted the tweet, but that’s not all.

NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch torched Montel on her NRA TV show. NRA TV tweeted out, “@Montel_Williams who, unless I am greatly mistaken, hasn’t seen combat… you’re claiming the very show of [Kris Paronto’s] heroism you pretend to honor, didn’t even happen. Nice try,” along with the video where Dana Loesch excoriates the washed-up talk show host:

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Montel was so embarrassed, he went nuts in a tweetstorm, calling Dana Loesch “a prostitute” several times. Williams then realizes he was exposed as a leftist loser who can’t back up his claims and was relegated to attacking a woman in the most shameful way. So much for the #MeToo movement. He quickly deleted those tweets, but they have all been screen captured for posterity.

Now, the Obama sycophant, Williams, is crying like a baby. He viciously attacked a Benghazi hero and the Navy Seal who killed Bin Laden then ended up spewing hate at an NRA spokeswoman, calling her a hooker. This is what happens when you believe Barack Hussien Obama. You end up like Montel, finding out the former president is just a conman who duped you into thinking he was your savior by attacking the real men who keep America free.

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