Obama Makes Room For 10,000 Muslims By Quietly Deporting Christians

Barack Obama’s policies, or lack thereof, have been detrimental to the very fabric of our once great nation. He’s now sealed the envelope and closed the issue on where he stands with Muslim refugees, and it is now crystal clear that he places the value of Muslims over any other religious group.

As we make room for 10,000 Muslim Syrian refugees, Obama just ordered the deportation of 15 Iraqis to possibly help free up some space. But these are not your typical Islamic Iraqis — they’re actually Christians, who fled to escape a fate at the hands of violent Muslims. These refugees really did flee Iraq to avoid oppression and possible slaughter. An immigration judge has now ordered the deportation of these people currently being held in a detention center in Otay Mesa, California.

The Obama administration has held these illegal Iraqi Christian immigrants (Chaldeans) in a prison-like atmosphere for nearly six months. Now, they will go back to Iraq and potentially face their deaths at the hands of Islam due to their Christianity.

Iraqi Chaldean Christians rally in support of those facing eminent deportation
Iraqi Chaldean Christians rally in support of those facing eminent deportation

There were 27 refugees being held in captivity, and 15 of the Christians have now been ordered to be shipped off, likely to meet their death, just in time for Obama to roll out the welcome mat for his Muslim friends from Syria. Seven Christian refugees have already been deported to Europe, where they were living before entering the United States illegally. Should the European nations housing these immigrants send them back to Iraq, their death will be almost certain. Unfortunately, the fate of a dozen is almost eminent, as the U.S. is sending twelve Chaldeans directly back to Iraq, where they will live a life of hell, if they are lucky enough to stay alive at all.

Most Christians in the Middle East have rejected conversion to Islam and have faced torturous deaths at the hands of Muslims because of their refusal, and this has led to the illegal immigration of several Chaldeans seeking only to keep their lives and their faith.

Christians have faced brutal persecution in the Middle East, and this is a move sure to embolden those that seek to destroy Christianity. As the purge of Christians continues in Iraq and across much of the Middle East, Obama has now tossed in his wagers — and we all know he sides with the Muslims. However, the administration is trying to keep this move quiet. Lundon Attisha, spokesman for San Diego’s Neighborhood Market Association, told the San Diego Union-Tribune that he and other Chaldean leaders were warned by the attorneys for the Chaldeans that they were not to comment about this deportation.

Now, these Chaldeans will be facing death and looking it square in the eye, as Obama lends a hand to Muslim refugees by the thousands. The blood of these innocents is on the hands of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and the Obama administration. How Barack Obama sleeps at night is beyond comprehension, as death is almost guaranteed for the 12 immigrants going back to Iraq, and this is only the beginning.


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