Obama Parties With DeRay McKesson During San Bernardino Crisis

Who can forget President Obama taking off after Benghazi to Las Vegas for a fundraiser? This is not the only time Obama left the White House-running away like a little girl scared that the boogie man might come and get him.

Always taking to the airways on the matters that he has no business talking about as President, like the Trayvon Martin killing, Obama was the purview of  the county prosecutors. Obama weighed in saying “Trayvon could have been my son,” feeding the black/white rhetoric .


This is a pattern for Obama. Now, with the San Bernardino shooting, Obama was very busy. Address the nation at length? No, that can wait. Obama’s schedule was very important, doing “President of the Free World” stuff like hanging out with Black Lives Matter celebrity DeRay McKeeson.

Hey, don’t “diss” DeRay, he teaches at YALE! That’s right. DeRay McKeeson teaches a class worth one credit on Black Lives Matter protests. In the class, he teaches that “looting and setting fires” are acceptable ways for black youth to “demonstrate”. [Find Yale Information here.]

On December 5th, Obama did not have time to speak with America. The Obama’s were getting ready to party with DeRay McKesson:

As Allen West noted:

Understandably (sarcasm intended) the president has a busy fundraising schedule to keep, as he did immediately following the murder of four Americans in Benghazi and the deaths of nine in Charleston, South Carolina, for example. He believes the show must go on, as he showed us right after the five U.S. servicemen were gunned down in Chattanooga, Tennessee — when he headed to New York for a broadway show. And, of course, the only way one keeps a decent swing is to remain faithful to the golf course, as he showed us after addressing the nation in the wake of the Islamic State’s brutally beheaded American James Foley, when he jumped right back onto the golf course just minutes later.

Obama’s legacy is “when in a crisis, go to Vegas, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Obama’s tactics in his “lead from behind” defines “behind” as golf courses throughout the world. Hoping the crisis blows over by the time Obama comes back, this tactic keeps his smoking down to half a pack. Too much stress, such as being the President, could cause his cigarette smoking to increase.

Michelle won’t have that. No, go golfing Barack, World War III will still be here when you get back.

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