Obama Persecutes Little Sisters, Stomping On American Christians

The plight of the Little Sister of the Poor is bringing attention to how Barack Obama wants to squash our First Amendment rights. This is another of Obama’s pet projects before he leaves office, and it’s before the Supreme Court now. What happens to the Little Sisters will become something all Christians need to know, as this case is placing those who believe in Jesus Christ in direct opposition to those who believe government is their God.

Little Sisters of the Poor caring for the poor & aged in society.

This is a sad case, and it will make you question how something like this can even get to this point, let alone go before the Supreme Court. We live with evil men in charge and with evil women out protesting these poor nuns. The case is simple. Under Obamacare, employers must provide birth control services. The Little Sister of the Poor, being an order of Roman Catholic nuns, believe all contraceptive services go against their conscience.

Regulations that implemented President Obama’s health insurance program require cost-free access to 20 pregnancy prevention measures. Those range from birth control pills to surgical sterilization and include morning-after and week-after medications.

Disregarding the tenets of some religions, the rules sparked a backlash by churches and religiously affiliated employers that find moral offense in some or all the contraceptive techniques. [via New York Daily News]

The Obama regime wants these good sisters, who devote their lives to caring for the poor and aged, to violate their consciences and pay for birth control. To these nuns, this means a direct sin against God. What it really means is that these nuns would no longer exist. That’s right, they would not violate their consciences. If Obama wins, these women will cease to serve the poor and aged.

This is true evil. America, which was founded for religious freedom, is now persecuting nuns for their beliefs. These haters are out there protesting these good sisters. The scene in the video is sick, and those liberal idiots are shameful.

Essentially, the Sisters believe that the administration is converting them from a private employer that exercises its faith every day to an agent of a government that, pardon the language, doesn’t give a damn about their beliefs.

They are, in fact, correct that the administration places a higher value on universal free contraception than on strictures of faith with which it disagrees. [via New York Daily News]

The case is before the Supreme Court. Without Antonin Scalia, we can only hope and pray it comes out in favor of the Sisters. If Obama wins, it will be the government telling us to go against our Lord Jesus Christ. I doubt Obama knows the sleeping giant he will awaken if he thinks Christians will go quietly into the night.

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