Obama’s Regret Sparks Plans To Change US In Last Days & You’ll Be Pissed

Barack Obama is in his final days, and he has his sites set on one issue that he says still haunts him. He admits it’s the one thing he regrets the most, and now, recent events have sparked him to make plans to change one last thing in America before he leaves office. You’ll be completely pissed off when you learn what he has in mind.

Obama’s not going anywhere; he’ll be renting this home in Washington, D.C.

Obama penned an exit letter, and he was thoroughly full of himself as he admitted the one thing he regrets the most is his failure to achieve total gun control. After doing so much damage through executive orders over eight years, he is fixated on the fact that he was not able to take all our guns away.

He wrote, “And for all that we’ve achieved, there’s still so much I wish we’d been able to do, from enacting gun safety measures to protect more of our kids and our cops from mass shootings like Newtown.”

His biggest regret is his failure to enact more gun control, and here’s the really scary part — Obama is not leaving Washington, D.C. In fact, this is exactly what his next move will be, using his influence to be a thorn in Donald Trump’s side and focus on getting total gun control in America. The thing is, gun control doesn’t work:

“Regardless of whether a gun control group or an individual gun controller like Obama raises the topic, it is notable that no gun law would have prevented the Newtown, Connecticut, attack against Sandy Hook Elementary School. It is especially notable that the gun controls President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) pushed in the wake of Sandy Hook would have done nothing to prevent another Sandy Hook.” [via Breitbart]

Obama’s a big baby, and he hates that he was not able to do more to dictate to We the People. He sees himself as just getting started, and you better believe the big donors will be at his door with cash in hand, begging him to lead the Democratic Party. Here’s what he said about making sure there is another “Barack and Michelle” real soon:

“‘Once out of office, he hopes to dedicate himself to training and advising a new wave of politicians, the next ‘Michelle and Barack… who right now is sitting out there.'” [via Daily Mail]

Obama says he will be looking to groom the next Barack and Michelle.

He said, “What we’ll be most interested in is programming that helps the next Michelle Obama or the next Barack Obama.” This sounds absolutely scary; another Barack and Michelle is something this country will never survive.

Whether it’s gun control or programming the next Barack, Obama admits he isn’t done changing America. What he needs to realize is that America has spoken, and we are done with him and his change. Hillary Clinton ran for president as his surrogate and was rejected, yet he still thinks we want a clone of him? He’s delusional.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for his next move or any clones that may come along. Americans wanted him gone, but his ego is so big that he thinks we want more of his disastrous hope and change.

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