Obama Wanted To Remove Jackson From $20 Bill, Trump Has Perfect Response

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Barack Obama (left), Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill (center), President Donald Trump (right)

During his final year in office, former President Barack Obama made the most blasphemous change to American currency in a century by removing Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill and replacing him with Harriet Tubman. However, there’s a new sheriff in town now, and he has far more respect for those who came before him. Indeed, President Donald Trump’s response to Obama’s move was perfect.

While Jackson no longer has his spot on the $20 bill, he does have an admirer in the 45th president, according to the Washington Free Beacon. Trump has called Jackson “an amazing figure in American history — very unique in so many ways,” and he wasted no time making up for Obama’s poor treatment of the 7th president by hanging his portrait in the Oval Office just five days after his inauguration. But, that’s not all.

A portrait of Andrew Jackson hangs in Trump’s Oval Office. (Source: The Washington Post)

Today, Donald Trump is doing even more to honor Andrew Jackson. During his trip to Nashville, Tennessee, he will visit The Hermitage, the late president’s home, and lay a wreath at his tomb in remembrance of his many contributions to our great nation’s history.

Jackson and Trump have much in common. Both men asserted the system was rigged against them and were elected on a populist message. “Like Jackson’s populism, we’re going to build an entirely new political movement,” Steve Bannon, White House Chief Strategist, told the Hollywood Reporter.

The Hermitage mansion

When the Obama administration announced that Jackson would be taken off the $20 bill, Trump called the decision “pure political correctness,” something which he has no time for. In fact, Trump’s aversion to all things politically correct earned him the respect of Americans from sea to shining sea who have grown tired of sweeping the real issues under the rug in favor of being “tolerant” and “inclusive.”

According to many on the left, the president’s move to visit slaveholder Andrew Jackson’s home and tomb is “racist.” However, those with more common sense realize that Donald Trump is honoring an important figure in our nation’s history — one who we should thank for the way of life we enjoy today. If that’s too “politically incorrect” for those on the left, then they are the ones with the problem.

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