Picture Of Obama’s Salt-N-Pepper Beard Surfaces, There’s Just One Huge Problem

Thanks to the left’s obsession with former President Barack Obama, it doesn’t take much for him to break the Internet. When a photo of Obama’s salt-n-pepper beard surfaced, people couldn’t stop talking about it, but there’s just one glaring problem you might have missed.

Picture Of Obama's Salt-N-Pepper Beard Surfaces, There's Just One Huge Problem
Barack Obama’s “beard” (Photo Credit: Cinnamon Teal/Twitter)

Former President Barack Obama has become somewhat of a viral sensation after a photo of him with a salt and pepper beard surfaced. Although it may seem a bit odd, Obama has often garnered a lot of online attention through the years. However, this particular instance has people from both sides of the aisle talking, but before you join in, there’s one glaring problem you might want to know — it’s fake.

The altered photo shows Obama with a beard rather than his normally clean-shaven look. Many of his supporters on Twitter spoke favorably of his supposed new style. “So Barack Obama grew a beard now?? Hide your aunties and mothers,” one user wrote.

“This isn’t a real beard on Obama. But if he did grow it out Michelle ain’t about to let him leave the crib,” another Twitter user said.

“Bro why is Barack Obama out here looking like a whole snack with the beard I was not prepared brother,” yet another stated.

Of course, many of the admirers of his new chin fro were disappointed when they were informed that it was fake. “I’m making a personal choice of refusing to believe you. That beard is real. And it’s on Obama’s face as we speak. And you’ll never take that alternative fact away from me,” one Twitter user declared.

“And just when I thought Pres Obama couldn’t get any better, I see him with a beard @BarackObama feel free to grow one! The people have spoken,” another said.

“It is photoshopped but we really need to petition Obama to grow a beard ‘cause… ” another said while including a gif of Blanche from the Golden Girls looking hot and bothered.

Of course, these are just a few of other reactions to the altered photo.

According to WHAS11, “The picture in question comes from a September 2017 speaking engagement where President Obama spoke at the Goalkeepers conference, organized by Bill and Melinda Gates.”

Despite how “attractive” or “unattractive” you think Barack Obama looks with a beard, it’s unlikely it will ever happen. As Biz Pac Review has reported, the “former president has said he has difficulty growing a beard, which is why he prefers the clean-shaven look.”

With everything that is going on in the world, this is what Obama fans on Twitter have found the most noteworthy. While the former president is possibly guilty of the biggest scandal in U.S. history, they’re only concerned with whether he has a beard or not.

Even as Obamagate is being exposed, liberals are still idolizing the 44th President of the United States and think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Most of us couldn’t care less what he’s doing today — unless, of course, it’s a report that he’s finally behind bars.

Although many people who have spent a lot of time in the spotlight often grow a beard when they return to a life a privacy, I don’t think Barack Obama will be joining the #BeardGang movement anytime soon. Besides, a #ChainGang is a more fitting look for him.

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