Obama Spotted In Scotland For Secret Meeting With Clinton Crime Connection For 1 Sick Reason

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Pictured: Former President Barack Obama lands in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Former President Barack Obama has left Germany and is already in Scotland. Obama had been shadowing President Donald Trump throughout Europe, and now that Trump is going back to the U.S., Obama is busy making sure he becomes a billionaire. The mainstream media says he’s there to golf, but we’ve uncovered the real reason he is there. Obama’s following the Clintons into a real life of crime as he meets with their connections to do one thing that will make you sick.

Barack Obama has the media hacks gushing over his golfing in Scotland. TMZ’s headline reads, “Barack Obama Is Laughing At Us,” as they report he’s in Scotland, hitting their famous links. Obama may look like he is on a perpetual “vacay,” but that’s not the truth, far from it. Obama wants to be a billionaire, and he thinks he knows exactly how to achieve that goal.

Obama golf’s at Edinburgh famous St. Andrew’s. (Photo credit: TMZ)

A closer look into his movements in Scotland uncovers a secret meeting he has set with Sir Thomas Hunter, Scotland’s first billionaire and an associate of Bill Clinton. Hunter is one of the philanthropists the Clintons shook down for a cool $100 million.

The Scottish Sun reports, “Obama will be visiting the ancient Scottish capital for a charity dinner today. The event is being hosted by Sir Tom Hunter’s charity the Hunter Foundation at Edinburgh International Conference Centre.”

It’s clear, Obama’s stay with Hunter is being kept secret as The Scottish Sun goes on to report, “All former presidents receive a lifetime of secret service protection following their terms in office. This to protect them against psychotic cranks and terrorists. For this reason, the exact movements of the president are not given in advance so it is unclear where Obama will be staying.”

That’s strange. We have all known exactly where Obama was staying on his trips abroad up until this point. Why the media blackout of his whereabouts, what can’t we see? Obama is following the Bill and Hillary playbook, and it’s not only Hunter at this “charity event,” but the ultra-rich who fund puppets like Obama to do their bidding.

Sir Thomas Hunter, Bill Clinton, & Frank Giustra. Giustra was the major player in the Clinton-Uranium scandal, where the Clintons sold 22% of US uranium to Russia.

“He [Obama] will be addressing business leaders and attending a dinner, where he is expected to take questions from the audience. A table of 10 at the dinner is expected to fetch the foundation about £5,000 [$6,400 dollars]. Reports from Scotland say the money is going to ” the Obama Foundation, which was founded by the 44th president’s wife Michelle.”

Sir Thomas Hunter was named in WikiLeaks as one of Bill Clinton’s biggest funders who didn’t ask questions. Clinton got Hunter to fund the new “Clinton-Hunter Development Initiative” to help farmers and alleviate poverty in Malawi and Rwanda. Sadly, according to WikiLeaks, like all of the Clinton Foundation projects, the money didn’t go to “help farmers and alleviate poverty in Malawi and Rwanda.”

In fact, the WikiLeaks exchange shows emails talking about getting more money out of Hunter. The big problem was that they needed to shut down the fake fund, yet they wanted to squeeze Hunter for more cash. Bruce Lindsay, Clinton Foundation Chairman, wrote, “Tom Hunter sent an email to WJC [William Jefferson Clinton] recently saying he hoped to be in a position to re-engage thru CHDI in Rwanda in the not too distant future. Announcing that our job in Rwanda is done and we are withdrawing would end that possibility.”

So, where does Obama end up? Smack dab in Scotland, making a big speech for Sir Thomas Hunter and, very likely, secretly staying at his place. Obama’s a sly one. He’s taking his cue from the Clinton Crime Family and using their list of high stakes funders. Obama can’t afford the optics of hanging out with ultra-rich capitalists of Irish and Scottish descent, so the media tells us he’s laughing at us as he frolics from golf course to golf course.

Oh no, he’s no longer on the taxpayers’ dime, so he out shaking down billionaires, funding his lavish lifestyle, no better than a common thief, following in the footsteps of Bill and Hillary Clinton. We see you, Obama, you can run, but you can’t hide the truth forever.

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