How Obama Plans To Change The Second Amendment For 2016 Is REVEALED

Barack Obama and his regime are gearing up against guns and the Second Amendment. The end game is total confiscation of guns, just like in Europe. To get there, Obama and his team of anti-gun activists will use new strategies to start their assault on your Second Amendment rights. They plan to change our constitutional rights in 2016, and it’s now been revealed how they plan to do it.


Obama and his backers, like Michael Bloomberg, are masters at planning the small steps and heading toward the final goal. These people are veterans of swaying public opinion and genius at ebbing a small portion of the Second Amendment away with minimal fanfare.

The following are some of the devices Obama will use, his executive orders, and the strategies behind their “little by little approach.” Obama will be utilizing different fronts to achieve the gun ban, including money and psychology.

First, the testing ground for gun confiscation will be liberal leftist California. Mad World News  reported on California’s latest gun confiscation law. In a nutshell:

If family members believe a gun-owning individual is a danger to themselves or someone else, police may acquire a temporary “gun violence” restraining order from a judge. A gun owner may challenge the decision three weeks after the firearms are confiscated. [emphasis added] — via World Net Daily

This law is designed to cater to the leftist agenda of the mentally disturbed individuals with guns. What it will do is have every shunned ex-lover calling in to report on the gun their unrequited love possesses. Guns will be grabbed solely on allegations without any due process. Again, this is just a test for the liberal left, and it is not the end goal.

In Washington, another liberal leftist state, courts have upheld a unique “tax” on guns. Guns are taxed like “sin taxes” on cigarettes and alcohol. This creates a double tax on guns. They play the “tax” game, filling the state’s coffers with money, which states have total power over. HotAir reported:

Judge Robertson’s decision aligned with City Council’s unanimous vote in August, approving a tariff of $25 per gun and 2 or 5 cents per round of ammunition for sellers.

When the National Rifle Association and gun activists scoffed at Washington state for treating guns like cigarettes to generate funds while disregarding gun ownership is a constitutional right, the Washington state’s Attorney General shot back:

Attorney William Abrams stated, “Taxation is to raise revenue, and cities have broad powers to raise revenue through a variety of taxes.”

The catch here is, “Where is that tax money going?” It’s twofold. First, it will go to make gun dealers pay for the “damage” they have “caused.” Secondly, and this is the big one, it is to fund research into gun violence.

We are talking about the idea of funding expensive, worthless research at the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control at the CDC. This is a main component to Obama’s gun ban goal, using the money to fund the psychology.

The entire demand for gun safety research is a smokescreen to provide some sort of pseudo-science support behind the effort to ban gun ownership. Don’t be fooled by it for a minute and don’t ease up the pressure on Congress to keep the existing ban on such “research” in place. [emphasis added] —via HotAir

Research gun violence? This is nonsense. With guns in the world for a few hundred years, we are well aware of how a gun works, and how the use is for good or for bad. There is no psychology of a gun. It’s a weapon, like a knife or a bow and arrow. If the true goal is to save lives, wouldn’t we want to research violence in general? The goal isn’t to end violence. It’s to end guns.

This effort is a possible end game. Having the CDC start research into “gun violence” psychology, they hope this will eventually lead to this type of brainwashing to most of the population:

“We need to revolutionize the way we look at guns, like what we did with cigarettes,” Dr. Mark Rosenberg, who oversaw CDC gun research, told The Washington Post in 1994. “Now [smoking] is dirty, deadly and banned.” [emphasis added] — via Guns And Ammo

Obama will use the states as testing grounds and reinstate the CDC research with his pen. Obama sets his sites to overthrow the Second Amendment, transforming America into one big “gun free zone.” Hillary Clinton is in exact agreement with Obama on gun control.

Better be careful what you wish for Democrats, many Americans won’t throw out their guns like they did their cigarettes. It’s going to take more than a little phony psychology scheme and peer pressure to relinquish our God-given rights to bear arms.

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