EXPOSED: Obama’s SECRET Plan To ‘Wreck The Place’ Before He Goes

Barack Obama is not leaving the White House without trying to wreck the place, says a former White House Senior Adviser. This secret plan of Obama’s is something this senior adviser sees clearly, and when you learn what Obama has in store for his final days, you’ll be shocked that this bitter man intends to wreck as much as possible in ways that will blow your mind.

Barack Obama is displaying a bitter “let’s wreck this place” attitude before he moves out of the White House, says Pat Buchanan.

Former White House Senior Adviser Pat Buchanan, a man who has all the inside information on Washington, D.C., has gone on the record, saying, “[Obama] says let’s wreck the place before we get out.” On Newsmax TV, Buchanan relayed that Obama is a bitter man, feeling rejected by America and that is driving him to take action to “wreck the place” before he goes.

Buchanan explained that he knew Obama was up to no good when he showed up on Capitol Hill yesterday for a secretive closed-door meeting with the Democratic leaders. Steve Malzberg, who is the host of Newsmax TV, discussed what Obama said to the Democrats, which goes beyond saving Obamacare.

Malzberg said Obama told the Democrats, “Punish the Republicans, don’t rescue them, don’t help them replace Obamacare, do what the Tea Party did, go have town hall meetings.” Malzberg added that “he’s acting like a sad narcissist that won’t let go.”

The Obamas return from spending Christmas in Hawaii, with moving day on January 20th, 2017

Obama went even further. According to ABC News sources inside the secretive Democratic meeting, Obama was acting like a man who was far from retiring, saying, “I envy you so much. Because I would love to be on the field right now.”

Buchanan says Obama is dangerous in these last two weeks, adding, “Here is a man who has been rejected and repudiated and I’m astounded that he is letting it show like this. As a departing president, I have seen very few who have gone out with the kind of bitterness he has with a kind of let’s wreck this place before we get out and let’s leave all these land mines in here.

He went on to say, “When Michelle Obama said they had no hope they must be in real despair up in the White House and his behavior betrays him.”

Obama’s actions indeed show a man who is on a mission to do as much harm as possible before he goes. We know he is planning on letting 19 more Gitmo detainees go, and his message to the Democrats is simple — de-legitimize Donald Trump, push the “Russian hackers influenced the election” mantra, and make Americans think Trump did not win fair and square.

In an interview with his former adviser and good pal David Axelrod, Obama’s bitterness spilled over when he boasted that he could have beaten Trump. It’s statements like that and now his closed door meetings with Democrats which are highly suspect. Shouldn’t he be packing up, not spending time in a strategy meeting?

The kicker is Obama isn’t really going, and he is confirming that with his actions. Sure, he’ll move out of the White House, but he is taking up residence just down the street, only 1,096 yards from Washington, D.C.’s biggest mosque, where he can hear the Muslim call to prayer, which he says is “one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.”

Obama’s a narcissist who can’t stand that Americans have rejected him, so we’ll watch him closely. There is no telling how far he really will go to wreck the place before he goes. It sure seems like he wants to go out with a bang and get back at those who rejected him, the American people.

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