Obama Staffer Tries To Bash Trump, Then James Woods Puts Him In His Place With 2 Words

A former staffer for Barack Obama recently decided to open his fat trap and run his mouth in hopes of bashing President Donald Trump, like never before. Too bad for him, things just about immediately blew up in his face as James Woods entered the scene – and he put the sniveling little punk in his place with just two simple words.

Obama Staffer Tries To Bash Trump, Then James Woods Puts Him In His Place With 2 Words
James Woods (left), President Donald Trump (center), Ben Rhodes (right) (Photo Credit: Toglenn/Wikimedia Commons, Max Goldberg/Wikimedia Commons, BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

The incident took place as ex-Obama staffer Ben Rhodes apparently could no longer contain his rage over his former employer’s successor. According to IJ Review, it seems that the straw that broke the camel’s back simply boiled down to Trump’s remarks during his UN speech, where he referred to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as a “rocket man” on a “suicide mission.”

Of course, it doesn’t take much for the left to launch an all-out attack on Trump, and this was apparently all it took for Rhodes to bash the Commander-in-Chief. Calling the remarks a “juvenile taunt,” he then called into question whether such “name-calling” can ever help, in a condescending and self-righteous kind of way.

Too bad for him, things were about to spectacularly blow up in his face – just like several other things in the past. In fact, famed actor and conservative pundit James Woods quickly stepped up to the plate in hopes of dishing out a real thought-provoking response.

Although it started out that way, Woods would slap the punk with just two final words that would put the moron in his place once and for all. “Ben, you sent bundles of cash to a rogue terror state,” he wrote. “On pallets at night. Like Pablo Escobar,” he added, but he wasn’t done there. As can be seen, he decided on two last words, simply reading, “Shut up.

As most of us are aware, Obama secretly sent over $400 million worth of American cash to Iran just before leaving the White House. Although Obama tried to lie to the American people by saying it was “part of the Iran deal” that was quickly disproven.

In fact, seeing how U.S. hostages were released on the same day that the cash was delivered, it was made perfectly clear that Obama violated America’s stance not to negotiate with terrorists. Making matters worse, Rhodes himself was actually played a central part in the decision-making process to bend over for our sworn enemy.

In the end, Trump merely did what nearly every other president before he has done – came up with a nickname for our enemies. The Los Angeles Times reports that Bush purposefully mispronounced Saddam Hussein’s name calling him “sad-DUM.”

Likewise, Reagan called the Soviet Union the “evil empire” and George Bush called Iran, Iraq, and North Korea the “axis of evil.” The point here is that everyone has names for everyone – this just happens to be Trump’s and, of course, because he is hated by the left, that’s somehow now an issue.

As for Rhodes, well, he was just mopped all over the national stages after trying to look like one of the “cool kids.” In the end, this punk is nothing more than a traitor who betrayed the American people, stole their money, and gave it to their enemies. Maybe he should think about that next time before he condemns someone for name calling. It really doesn’t get any more pathetic than this folks.