OUTRAGE: After Obama Advisor Susan Rice Exposed, NSA Has SHOCKING Admission

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Barack Obama (left), President Donald Trump (right)

Shocking new revelations are coming out this morning, implicating Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice to be the person responsible for ordering the politically motivated unmasking of President Donald Trump and his campaign staff. However, the NSA has also just dropped one absolutely mind blowing truth bomb that is rattling not just the political world but the nation as a whole.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Fox News reporter Adam Housley has just shocked the nation with new information coming out of Washington, D.C., revealing that the NSA has disseminated one very explosive fact about Obama’s political surveillance scandal. The news report provided by Housley is truly jaw dropping.

Breitbart reports that the information coming out of the NSA reveals that Barack Obama’s administration was conducting political surveillance of Trump and his campaign staff for an entire year before the inauguration. This could very well be the biggest political scandal in American history and may lead to Barack Obama making history as the only president to be indicted for political corruption after leaving office.

We don’t know who spoke to Devin Nunes. We know it’s not someone at the White House. We don’t know who spoke to the White House about this other than what Nunes has said in front of press conferences. The sources we are talking to are separate from both of those entities. They don’t really have a horse in this game. They are frustrated with the way they say the agencies are being politicized more than they have seen before in their careers. And one reason they are speaking out is because of that. The second reason is because Nunes came out in front of the cameras and has his finger on it, they say and want to make sure it is done correctly.

What we’ve learned is this — from multiple sources is that it’s all about intelligence-gathering methods. The fact is, a lot of these men and women in the intelligence communities did not want to speak about what’s going on because they were concerned about those methods being known. But now they figure they might as well at least clarify things since Nunes has been leaked to by someone they don’t know or at least they tell me they don’t know. We know that there was this — there was surveillance of Trump and people close to Donald Trump including some supporters for up to a year before inauguration. That information was disseminated we’re told through NSA channels. It’s unprecedented the way this was done. The mention of U.S. citizens is supposed to be masked. That means basically taken out of the report.

So for example, if I call somebody in Bulgaria, and that’s picked up somehow by our agencies and there’s nothing there involving national security, there’s nothing there involving a crime, that report would come out and it would say “American number one” or my name would not be there. What I’m told now is that when these reports came out, names were there and that is unprecedented. Basically, they say the information that’s unmasking, these names of Americans who had done nothing wrong was disseminated to all of NSC, some at DoD, Clapper, Brennan — basically the people at the top,” Housley said during the shocking news report. [Source: Transcript of Fox News report via Breitbart]

Barack Obama is guilty of directly attacking the foundation of American democracy and freedom. This new shocking admission from the NSA is nothing less than damning evidence of Obama’s treason. It is time for Americans to stand up and demand that Obama and his corrupt staff be tried, convicted, and imprisoned for their crimes against our country. Spread this everywhere and demand justice for our nation.

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