Obama Devastated: Trump SHUTS DOWN Secret Immigration Pipeline In One Brilliant Move

In One Brilliant Move, Trump SHUTS DOWN Obama's Secret Immigration Pipeline
Barack Obama (left), stock image of ICE (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/CNN/Youtube, Wikimedia Commons)

Barack Obama subverted America not only with well-known legislation like Obamacare but also by means of many discreet policy changes to federal agencies. While President Donald Trump keeps the media focused on his bombastic Twitter statements, he’s steadily working behind the scenes to undo Obama’s anti-American legacy. In a masterful win for America, Trump has stricken down a key part of Obama’s mass immigration plot, and Barack has to be devastated.

The Trump Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Tuesday that it is officially closing Obama’s Central American Minors (CAM) parole program, which was created to bring foreign nationals into America even after they are denied refugee status.

As reported on Breitbart, CAM established an additional channel for chain migration in which legal residents from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras could request a parole for their under-21-years-old children after being denied entry as a refugee. However, Obama expanded the scope of CAM to include foreign national family members other than children, enabling a constant stream of migration from poor third-world Latin American countries.

Of course, US immigration law already allows legal permanent residents to request legal status for their unmarried children under the age of 21, as described on the website of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). However, many foreign nationals have found refugee entry to be a preferred way of getting into the country, as it comes without the income requirements that characterize entry as a legal permanent resident.

In fact, as USCIS states, the government even covers the transportation costs of refugees traveling to the US, a benefit that is highly appealing to low-earning immigrants who get by with the help of government assistance.

As the DHS explains in its announcement, parole is a temporary status which allows a person entry into the US when they do not qualify as refugees. The Obama administration used this to open up an additional pathway to get Democrat-friendly immigrants into the country under the radar.

The Obama reasoning was “if we can’t bring them in as legal permanent residents, we’ll bring them in as refugees. If we can’t bring them in as refugees, we’ll bring them in as parolees.” Although parole status is designed to be temporary, the Obama administration constantly took steps to extend the stay of the parolees it brought in. Even if parolees overstayed after the expiration of their status, they knew Obama’s DHS would not move to deport.

Trump’s action against this Obama policy serves to fulfill the Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements executive order, signed January 25. As The Daily Caller observes, the executive order called on DHS to make sure parole authority is only being used on a case-by-case basis, not as a tactic to give blanket entry to multitudes of ineligible foreign nationals.

Obama’s CAM program failed to comply and is now defunct. USCIS was clear about the decision, stating: “USCIS will no longer automatically consider parole requests from individuals denied refugee status in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras under the CAM Parole program. Effective immediately, USCIS will no longer consider or offer parole under the CAM Parole program.”

Central Americans who are currently in the US under CAM will be allowed to stay until their status expires, after which they will have to return to their home country.

President Trump has made significant gains against unchecked immigration. As covered by the Washington Times, the Trump DHS slashed an Obama-era loophole that allowed foreign nationals to stay in the country without an employer-sponsored visa if they were planning to start a business last month. Essentially, the measure was a covert visa program made without Congressional approval.

This administration’s efforts in the realm of immigration are improving national security, increasing law and order, and helping to raise wages for legal American workers. Trump is the only president in decades who sides with the American people on immigration — and who is actually doing something about it.

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