Obama Pissed After Finding Out What Trump Did Just Before Nashville Rally

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Barack Obama (left), President Donald Trump (right)

President Donald Trump traveled to Tennessee this week, where he held a massive rally for his loyal supporters. After speaking to workers in Detroit on Wednesday, Trump flew into Nashville, where he made a brief pit-stop prior to his rally. However, it was there that the president did something which royally pissed off Barack Obama.

According to Townhall, Trump visited former President Andrew Jackson’s southern home, The Hermitage, laying a wreath at his tomb and honoring his legacy. “Andrew Jackson was a military hero and genius and a beloved president, but he was also a flawed and imperfect man, the product of his time,” the president said during his brief speech there.

“It was during the revolution that Jackson first confronted and defied an arrogant elite. Does that sound familiar to you?” he joked with the crowd. “Oh, I know the feeling, Andrew.”

Watch President Donald Trump’s full speech at Andrew Jackson’s home below:

Honoring Andrew Jackson is something which Obama refused to do during his time in the White House. In fact, Obama did everything in his power to destroy the seventh president’s legacy. During his final year in office, Obama even removed Jackson from the $20 bill and replaced him with Harriet Tubman, a move widely considered to be the biggest assault on traditional U.S. currency in an entire century.

Trump, on the other hand, has much in common with Jackson, as he noted in his speech. Both men asserted that the system was rigged against them and both were elected on a populist message. “Like Jackson’s populism, we’re going to build an entirely new political movement,” Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon was quoted as saying.

Not only was Trump’s speech at Jackson’s home a roaring success, but the rally which followed drew huge crowds. Many supporters of the president had even waited in line since the wee hours of the morning just to get in, despite the freezing temperatures outside, demonstrating the intense passion he has ignited in nationalist Americans.

Watch President Donald Trump’s full speech at his Nashville rally below:

Donald Trump has inspired a movement among the American people which has not been matched in recent history — not even by our first African-American president. That’s got to eat away at Obama, and perhaps this is why he has reportedly been running a shadow government to take Trump down. Obama can try to undermine Trump, but as our president has proven time and again, he is always one step ahead, and there is nothing that can stop him from making America great again.

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