Obama’s Welfare Leeches PISSED After Trump Ends Their Favorite Freebie

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Obama’s Welfare Leeches PISSED After Trump Ends Their Favorite Freebie
Donald Trump (left) pissed off welfare leeches (right) after taking away their favorite freebie

It goes without saying that life for freeloaders was pretty easy under Barack Obama’s policies, but that train just came to a screeching halt. In fact, the leeches of society are completely pissed after Donald Trump’s most recent move as he just took away a favorite freebie enjoyed by lazy brats nationwide.

There’s no arguing that fraud runs rampant in entitlement programs – such as welfare, food stamps, and a slew of others that the left uses to enslave voters. However, it seems that with Republicans dominating the House of Representatives and the Senate, Trump is going to use his time to unclog a few of these taxpayer-dollar drains.

In fact, Ajit Pai, the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, has most recently come forward to tell freeloaders that enough is enough. According to reports, the new appointee is putting the hurt on welfare leeches by taking aim at one of their favorite freebies – the Obamaphone.

For those unaware, the program basically gives free cell phones to anyone that makes less than an income amount deemed appropriate by the government.

Created by the Reagan administration in 1985, Lifeline provides subsidized landline phone service to low-income families. It was expanded under the George W. Bush administration to add wireless service and popularized by massive outreach campaigns during President Barack Obama’s administration. [Source: Conservative Tribune]

They say that if you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll ask for a glass of milk, and that’s exactly what the freeloaders are doing now. With their free cell phones in hand, advocates of the program state that they should be given free Internet access as well – but that’s not going to happen.

Obama’s Welfare Leeches PISSED After Trump Ends Their Favorite Freebie
Ajit Pai, the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission

Although Ajit Pai might agree with an expansion of the program, he states that it shouldn’t come at the expense of responsible spending. In short, he wants to ensure that a cap is placed on the budget and that it’s far less than what Obama put in place.

Currently, the annual budget is set at $2.25 billion – but not for long. According to a new bill that is now currently in Congress, that number would cut about half that amount setting the program spending cap at $1.5 billion which means a few of the Obamaphones out there right now would have to be shut off.

As we all know, the left is shaking in their boots with business minded people running the country as their fraud and corruption will slowly be exposed. Worse yet, America will see our politicians for who they are – criminals working to stuff their own pockets rather than on behalf of We the people.

Of course, Democrats never have a hard time expanding programs like this as it’s only money – yours, not theirs – and ensures that they have voters for the next election cycle. However, we’ll just have to see how the people like getting something from their government rather than having to fork over more and more of their hard-earned dollars. Change is in the air – and boy, does it smell good.