Obama’s Latest Tricks Could Start A War, All Because His Feelings Are Hurt

Because Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats are so upset about Hillary Clinton’s devastating election loss, they have adamantly pushed the false narrative that the Russians hacked the American presidential election and are responsible for the outcome. Unfortunately,  the soon-to-be-ex-president won’t accept defeat, and the last few tricks up his sinister sleeves are setting us up for an all-out war with Russia.

It’s easy to see that Obama not only hates Russia, but he hates Donald Trump. The election loss deeply hurt his pride. Trump’s promises to heal the rift with Russia are a thorn in the side of Obama and others who continue to push the lie that Russian interference in the election caused a Hillary loss. Because of this red hot anger that the election didn’t go the way the Democrats wanted, Obama is taking drastic measures, attempting to ensure the collapse of the United States through war.

Obama has very quietly been deploying more troops and shifting around assets and special forces overseas. There is a distinct possibility that before he departs, Obama will initiate measures to place us into a war with Russia and, at the bare minimum, attempt to destroy relations even further prior to Trump taking office.  

None of these measures would prevent Donald Trump from becoming the 45th President of the Untied States, but it could mean that Trump’s time will be spent undoing the damages done by Obama in foreign policy rather than eliminating the laws that have strangled Americans and the economy for eight years.

The most disturbing revelation about Obama’s attempts to ignite a war with Russia came from an International Business Times article titled Elite US Troops Deployed To Deter Russian Aggression Toward Lithuania As Baltic Tensions Rise

The Lithuanian government has confirmed the presence of US special forces in the country, which it said had been deployed to train local forces and act as a deterrent against Russian aggression.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has so far been ignoring Obama’s childlike temper tantrum

Obama is working overtime to instigate problems with Russia, which could lead to a war. With the guaranteed fake “declassified civilian version” of the intelligence report, claiming Russia hacked the election, about to surface, the administration is wanting to justify many drastic measures, such as this recent deployment to Lithuania.

These next few weeks could get very scary if we continue to allow the Obama and his administration to lie to our faces as they attempt to justify war. The fact that very few mainstream media outlets are even trying to cover these last minute “maneuvers” and “midnight regulations” is probably the scariest part. We have a complacent media who wants a war with a country that could be more powerful than the US, thanks to Obama’s liberal policies. All this because Democrats have hurt feelings over the loss in the presidential election.

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