Obamas Announce Netflix Projects On ‘Race & Civil Rights,’ Instantly Regret It

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Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama are taking over a big chunk of Netflix programming by announcing their new projects that will focus on “race, class, and civil rights issues.” Well, their big announcement didn’t go as planned, and they instantly regretted it. Don’t miss this.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama (Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company, Higher Ground, announced on Tuesday its first wave of content for Netflix that includes docuseries and feature films. The Obamas’ production company has teamed with Netflix to release content for the streaming giant.

“We created Higher Ground to harness the power of storytelling. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited about these projects,” Barack Obama said in a statement. “Touching on issues of race and class, democracy and civil rights, and much more, we believe each of these productions won’t just entertain but will educate, connect, and inspire us all.”

Many Americans are leery about the Obamas controlling programming that will push their radical leftist values. 

The former first lady also announced the project, saying, “We think there’s something here for everyone — moms and dads, curious kids and anyone simply looking for an engaging, uplifting watch at the end of a busy day. We can’t wait to see these projects come to life — and the conversations they’ll generate.”

“Higher Ground is producing a feature film on Frederick Douglass, adapted from David W. Blight’s Pulitzer Prize-winning biography. Also in the works is a documentary series that adapts Michael Lewis’ ‘Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy,’ the Moneyball author’s 2018 best-seller about government servants working under the political appointees of Donald Trump’s administration,” Breitbart reported.

The production company’s first release will be Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert’s Sundance Film Festival documentary “American Factory,” about a Chinese-owned factory in post-industrial Ohio. Netflix and Higher Ground also acquired Jim LeBrecht and Nicole Newnham’s “Crip Camp,” a documentary about a summer camp for disabled teenagers founded in upstate New York in the early 1970s.

The Obamas are also developing a half-hour show for preschoolers titled “Listen to Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents.” It will instruct kids about food. We know Michelle is really keen on this show.

However, who isn’t keen are many Americans who don’t see the Obamas’ motives as pure entertainment. More like indoctrination. Though Obama associates have said it is unlikely for the Netflix programs to be overtly partisan, there are still plenty of people on social media voicing their displeasure with the news — some threatening to cancel their Netflix subscription.

“I pay for Netflix and you can be sure I will not use my money to watch the Obamas. Even seeing him on that fleeting David Letterman trailer upsets me,” posted Twitter user “4aFreeUSA.”

“This project was announced by the former first family last year. Former President Obama said last May that he would use the Netflix deal to “train the next generation of leaders.” …..the day this BS actually happens….is the day I cancel,” tweeted “Gverb1219.”

“@Netflix Just NO. Obama already had his bite of the apple for eight years of dividing us. #NeverAgain,” tweeted “Unearthing America.”

As you can see, the deal was quickly met with conservative backlash from those who threatened to cancel their Netflix subscriptions. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has also been critical of President Trump in the past and supported Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Hastings said, “Trump would destroy much of what is great about America.”

With the first announcement of the Obamas deal last year, Americans in droves canceled Netflix. Now, with this new announcement giving details about their programming, this will only cause an additional backlash. Americans are sick and tired of the Obamas and wish they would just retire already.

In the end, it will come down to money, as everything always does. If the Obamas cost Netflix too much, we will see this deal over with quickly. Or possibly the Obamas who are hellbent on “changing hearts and minds” will kick in costs to see their brainwashing shows produced. It’s safe to say the backlash isn’t stopping anytime soon. Not everyone loves and adores Barack and Michelle, not in the way they think we do.

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