Obamas ‘Fake’ Welcome Rally On Martha’s Vineyard, Islanders Give Nasty Surprise

There was something suspicious about the return of Barack and Michelle Obama to their routine vacation spot at Martha’s Vineyard, and after we did some digging, we found out the truth. As the Obamas left an expensive restaurant, a large crowd gathered outside and started to go nuts. The establishment’s owner told reporters, “It was like the Beatles!” But, then, things went all wrong as the real islanders gave Barack and Michelle a nasty surprise.

Barack Obama (left), Barack & Michelle Obama (middle), Michelle Obama getting into SUV (right) Monday night in Martha’s Vineyard. (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

It’s true the majority of wealthy landowners on the exclusive Martha’s Vineyard are Democrats, but the regular tourists and most of the middle class living on the island aren’t Obamaites. So, when Barack and Michelle were leaving the super expensive hotspot called “The Cardboard Box” on Monday night, something was off.

According to The Martha’s Vineyard Times, Obama arrived on the island Saturday for a vacation that could last for much of August. The Boston Globe reported, “Cardboard Box owner Ben DeForest said Obama was joined for dinner Monday by former first lady Michelle Obama and 12 of the couple’s friends. DeForest said that the couple has previously dined at his other restaurant, the Red Cat Kitchen, three times, so he appreciated them deciding to try out his new spot, which opened in May.”

“They could’ve gone to the Red Cat, where they know the experience, where they know what to expect,” DeForest said. “It’s a very private experience over there. It’s quiet. It’s contained.”

According to DeForest, because of The Cardboard Box’s larger space and its location on the main drag of Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs, the Obamas’ dinner was anything but private.

Wow, that seems strange. You’d think the last thing the Secret Service, trying to protect the Obamas, would want is for them to make sure their whereabouts are known. It creates a whole slew of security problems.

The Boston Globe added, “Photos and videos taken outside of The Cardboard Box show swarms of people lining the sidewalks, with some chanting, ‘Obama! Obama!’ moments before the former president and former first lady left the restaurant amid cheers and screams.”

“It shut the town down,” DeForest said. “It was really special. It was a testament to the power and the reverence in which people hold them. It was like The Beatles were in here in the early ’60s.”

Now, this is just odd. The restaurant owner is giving interviews? He sounds like a member of Obama’s PR team. Anyone who knows anything about high-profile political figures will tell you, Ben DeForest was probably feed those lines after the Obamas real PR team staged this welcome rally.

In fact, it defies logic that, on a Monday night, that many people would show up unless their whereabouts were leaked hours ahead of time.

After doing some digging, we found out the Obamas have never had that kind of a turnout during their Martha Vineyard vacations, even when Barack was the president. That’s because his whereabouts were kept secret as much as possible.

It seems Barack and Michelle are just desperate for good press as President Donald Trump destroys their legacy — which brings us to the real reaction from the Martha Vineyard islanders. The local newspaper, the MV Times reported on the Obamas’ return with actual residents blowing their staged welcome rally to bits.

For contrast, this picture taken in August 2016 shows a few people lining one side of the street as Barack & Michelle leave a Martha Vineyard’s eatery. (Photo Credit: Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Islander “Tisbury Native” posted, “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!! FAKE! They must be around those who still celebrate his Birthday on the island…I already got my tan, got my scanner on, got a months supply of my favorite treats & cocktails and will just go in the Opposite direction wearing my ‘Make America Great Again Cover’ USA, USA, USA!”

Resident Bart Gee said, “Apparently, Martha’s Vineyard remains a sunny place for shady people. Have fun partying with your beloved foundation-fraudsters, crooked real estate schemers, & war-profiteers, Obamas!”

John Dee was tired of the fake Obama-mania too, saying, “Chicago is under siege and he comes here?” He added, “I’m not an Obama fan, but he’s a civilian now. The damage is done..I’m still trying to forget.”

One islander, posting as “View From Here,” wrote, “I suggest the Trump hating people just go to the beach and enjoy the summer. Instead of crying and whining about the fact they lost. Time to move on and maybe try to get caught in another Obama inflicted traffic jam at 5 corners.”

The restaurant the Obamas dined at is pricey with $100 dollar ribeye steaks and $50 dollar specialty cocktails. It must be nice. Barack destroyed our economy and made himself a multi-millionaire while in office, as he apologized to the world for American exceptionalism.

“We [America] aren’t special,” said Obama in his address to the Muslim world. Well, We Americans are telling Barack and Michelle they aren’t special, as they desperately crave approval and attention. Barack told us to “get over” thinking American jobs would come back. Now, as President Donald Trump erases all of Obama’s doomed policies and our manufacturing jobs are coming back, all Barack has left is planting pathetic news stories and staging fake welcome rallies to make himself look relevant.

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